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Boholanos has always been lauded for being friendly, caring, and hospitable aside from our rich history, effervescent culture, and our breathtaking natural wonders.  In fact, Bohol is famous for the Sandugo or the Treaty of Friendship between Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Boholano chieftain Sikatuna which involved drinking wine mixed with their bloods.  This alone is evidence of our welcoming and friendly demeanor.
In Tagbilaran City, at Pook Pantalan specifically, the warmth and care of Boholanos can be felt through a soothing touch.  That is only in Masaje de Bohol Sauna and Spa, the newest destination to those who want to relax and rejuvenate.

Masaje de Bohol is not just a spa in Bohol but also a spa about Bohol.  The place in itself takes pride of Bohol’s wealthy cultural and history treasures.  The left wall of the receiving area has the balak Dalagang Pilipinhon by President Carlos P. Garcia written on it. Yes, not a framed version or printed on a tarpaulin but written on it.  The right wall, on the other hand, has the map of Bohol painted on it. Each wooden tile leading to their different massage rooms and spa areas has one famous Boholano tourist attraction written on it. The massage rooms and other spa areas, on the other hand, are named after different Boholano political figures like governors (Relampagos, Aumentado, Chatto), senator (Clarin), and the first and only Boholano president for now, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia.

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While the place has Bohol pride written all over it (figuratively, of course), the ultimate experience is indeed with the service they offer.

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Masaje de Bohol takes pride for two things: its sauna (Php200) and its signature massage, the Bol-anong Amuma (Php300) which is a combination of Swedish massage and Shiatsu.  My first sauna experience was revitalizing and definitely priceless.  It felt like toxics were coming out of my body.  Meanwhile, the Bol-anong Amuma was definitely heavenly relaxing (no exaggerations here).  And in case you wonder, it’s not just their signature massage that was given a Boholano name or equivalent. There is Alimyon for Aromatheraphy (Php300), Painit sa Likod for Ventosa (Php300), Himas Masaje for Swedish Massage (Php250) and Hitad Masaje for Thai Massage (Php199).

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On top of that, the people behind Masaje de Bohol — owner Ana Loinda Saluan and her staff — are just a bunch of accommodating welcoming individuals.

When in need of a soothing touch, a kind that only Boholanos could, after a long arduous day, Masaje de Bohol offers you just that --- a relaxing pleasure anyone deserves.  Make a booking at Masaje de Bohol and get 20% off on all their signatures.  Now, that's a good deal in resting our bodies, minds, and spirits the Boholano way.


  1. I have never been in that part of the Philippines. Bohol is very rich in history and I dreamed of someday visiting that lovely and culture rich place.

    1. Hello there Criminologists. I really encourage you to come here in Bohol. A beautiful place with scenic environment, vibrant culture, rich history, and warm people. Hope to see you here! :)

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