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Café Majstea, the newly-opened chill out lounge by the corner of Galleria Luisa, is as sassy and playful as its name.  While Majstea is obviously a portmanteau, the meaning behind it is not one which we least likely thought.

Majstea, while may sound like majesty and could be a play between majestic and tea, was named after owner Marjorie Hornido, or as she is fondly called, Majoi. Hence, heeding to the suggestion of her husband, Majstea is, in fact, Majoi’s Tea.

This doting corner is a merger of the known classiness and sophistication that is oftentimes reflected by coffee shops and Miss Majoi’s fun, outgoing personality. The furniture within the shop was made single-handedly by a carpenter from Buenavista with the owner only showing him photos of the pegs, including the double-decker-styled seats. Colorful sticky notes are also available for you to scribble and post your thoughts on its walls.  French references are also notable in the shop such as a picture of the Eiffel Tower taken from a window and the recently-installed Love Locks booth on the front door.

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While the interior in itself is enough to tease people to come in and take a sip, it’s the casual welcoming vibe that keeps people in, something that emanates from the owner herself down to her staff and of course to the very place that carries a little part of her.  And there is WiFi too.

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The friendly crew behind your every glass of milk tea.

Majstea is more into milk teas (Php75) which comes in different flavors such as Taro, Caramel, and the most preferred flavor of them all, Wintermelon.  But if you are like me who is not into milk teas, there is nothing to fret about as Café Majstea also offers a selection of tea (Fresh Tea at Php75, Brewed Iced Tea at Php65), smoothie (Php75) and coffee concoctions to choose from.  To experience the feeling of a happy stomach, there are also food items like cakes, cupcakes, and pastries to pair your drinks.  And the whip cream on top of your frappe — because cherry on top of the cake is too mainstream and unoriginal — the prices are very much budget friendly, considering that the café is slated to attract students.

Experience Café Majstea and enjoy their delightful menu offers that will surely fill you with playful positive vibe. My personal favorite is the Hazelnut Latte (Php105), Strawberry Smoothie, and their Triple Chocolate Cake (Php 100).  The Liquor Cake (Php160) is yummy kind of adventure. 

Chill and have fun in the newest chill out lounge in downtown Tagbilaran, Café Majstea, open from 10am to 10pm. Take a sip, enjoy a slice, and savor the sass and playfulness of this newest foodie destination.

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WORDians Cara Yu and Jem Bunjan knows that school work is best paired with yummy milk teas.


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