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We are oftentimes told to take a chill pill after stressing out because of a strenuous eight-hour shift, a grueling exam, an important task at work or in school, or even when we’re simply having a bad day.  Now, taking a chill pill is more than just an expression; it has become an indulgence. Or at least, in Tagbilaran City.

Chill Pill Café is Tagbilaran’s newest chill out lounge.  Inspired by (you got right!) the expression “take a chill pill” referring to the owner’s oftentimes busy schedule, her love for food and hanging out in coffee shops, Virna Avergonzado decided to put up this cozy café along CPG East Avenue.

“Mahilig man gud ko mutambay ug coffee shop,” shares Ms. Virna.  “When I was in college, magtambay-tambay ko ug coffee shop morning pa hangtud 6pm.  And stressful sa work, mao nga nakahuhuna ko nga kung maggama ko ug coffee shop man akong i-name ug Chill Pill.”

The café’s posh interior — walls painted in pink with flower details, mirror windows filled with white handwritten notes, wooden tables and chairs made with love by Ms. Virna’s father, teapot candle lamps on the floor — reminds me of cute girls in their tutu dresses holding their fancy afternoon tea party and of a woman sipping a cup of coffee while writing a dedication on the shop’s glass windows on a raining afternoon.  Truth be told, the girls will really love to be inside the shop because it’s girly but still elegant and classy.

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Aside from the interior and overall ambience, what draws people to Chill Pill are of course, their chill pills — a wide array of refreshing concoctions, sumptuous meals, and delectable cakes.   Their cakes from their Strawberry Shortcakes, Red Velvets, and Blueberry Cheesecakes are made personally by Miss Virna.  Their blends and drinks are a mixture of her favorite sips in different coffee shops.  Her ice creams as well are homemade.  All their menu offerings reflect parts of the entirety of the coffee-loving Virna Avergonzado.

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Red Velvet Cake, Blueberry Cheesecakes, and Strawberry Shortcakes plus a whole lot of cakes all personally made by Miss Virna. Isn't it tempting?

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Happiness is in a glass of Chill Pill's Choco Java! Oozing with the divine sweetness of chocolate, it will certainly make any bad day a bright dandy one.

Chill out at Chill Pill Café anytime from 10am until 12 midnight and take enjoy their irresistible gastronomic delights at very reasonable prices.  Miss Virna recommends their Death by Chocolate treat which is an overflowing layer of Choco Java, chocolate cake, and homemade chocolate ice cream.  An instant serotonin-booster and a heavenly indulgence I say.

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Taking a chill pill? We take it literally in T-City and when you need to ward the stress off, all you need is to simply get your daily dose of Chill Pill.


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