An Afternoon with Angels

2:30 PM

Before my busy birthday month ends, I do want to share my heartwarming experience at the Trinity Angels Care Home during my birthday last August 8.

Since then, I already wanted to do an outreach of sort for my birthday. This year, I felt that now was the right time, considering how great the past year has been.  I've been very blessed to be where I am now doing what I do. So despite having only a short time to prepare, I pursued with my plan and held an outreach activity at Trinity Angels Care Home in my hometown, Alburquerque.

A group photo with the kids and the people running and managing Trinity Angels Care Home

Unlike other orphanage visits when tears are synonymous, that afternoon was nothing but joy and fun.  We had a coloring activity where kids where to put color on illustrated paper, the idea of which was from Miss Philippines Earth Bohol 2015 Gayle Suzette Yu, who helped me all throughout.

Helping this kid with the coloring activity was so much fun.

When we started handing out crayons to the kids for them to start their coloring activity, you won’t help but notice the twinkle in their eyes.  And there is that heart warming sparkle in their small peepers when they started putting colors on the printed illustrations.  The smile on their faces when they were receiving my gift of school supplies to each one of them right before we left is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

The kids proudly showing up their colored illustrations with (from back row, L-R) Sarah, JM, your blogger,
Miss Philippines Earth Bohol 2015 Gayle Suzette Yu and Alyza (back row, far right)

The kids participated actively with every game while the rest were also playing with me and their ate Gayle, ate Alyza, ate Dianne, ate Sarah, and ate JM.  Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh at how kids are rearing to win a game.  I won’t forget that one time when I was still trying to complete the instructions, they already got it and started doing what is asked.  You can see it how much they are enjoying every minute of our visit.

It was a fun, energetic stop dance game with the kids. You can see it in their smiles.

The food we shared was carefully considered to suit the preference of kids.  And nothing beats the feeling seeing them enjoy every slice of cake, every hotdog-on-stick, every spaghetti noodle, and every bite of fried chicken.

Serving the kids with home-cooked spaghetti!

Gayle asked the kids when we were about to leave if they'll be alright if they leave me here.  It was kind of heartwarming when they responded positively in delight but can't help to find it funny and at the same time painful to hear one kid say "Para naa na me Papa." (So we will have a father.)  

My afternoon with the children of Trinity Angels would not be possible and fruitful without certain people.  There is of course Miss Philippines Earth – Bohol 2015 Gayle Suzette Yu who helped me with everything --- from preparation to execution.  Gayle’s aunt Brenda Yu donated the crayons for the kids. Her friend (and now my new friend) Alyza was the one who prepared the program flow.  My officemates at the First Congressional District Office donated used clothes for the kids.  Two friends, Jonah Marie Saletrero and one who refused to be named pitched in some money that is why I was able to give more.  And my best friends Sarah, JM, and Dianne cooked the spaghetti which I don’t know how to cook.

I’m immensely blessed that I am able to tick an item on my bucket list this early in my life.  With how beautiful life has been for me, to spend an afternoon with angels is not just a form of thanksgiving and giving back, but also a celebration of every little miracle and every grace that we encounter every day.



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