Electro Circuit: The Party of the Festivity

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Electro Circuit 2015 Poster

Nothing was able to stop Electro Circuit from electrifying the entire Sandugo merriment last July 24. Not even the light rain and definitely not the other parties that coincided with the most sought-after EDM festival.

The venue. Crabhouse by the Bay was filled with  high party spirits.  Locals and foreign residents, balikbayans, tourists, and even key individuals in the local social circles flocked the party scene for a night of booze and beats.

Electro Circuit 2
Look who came to Crabhouse to party? It's Miss Bohol 2015 candidates Katrina November Decker (Miss Cortes),
Ma. Yvonne Perocho (Miss Sierra Bullones) and Jillian Ylarde (Miss Anda)

Right from the ticketing booth, you know that this going to be the best party ever for the entire Sandugo celebration.  Long queues of friends all shout #SquadGoals,  From the gates, you know some is going to simply kill the night with their dance moves or their cool outfits.  That prompted me to make my best dressed list which you can read here. (As of this writing, article is not yet published)

Electro Circuit 3
Just see how crazy it was right there at the ticketing booth.

The music of the spinning disk jocks got everyone on their feet, swaying and going crazy along every EDM beat. Electro Circuit's impressive visuals from light displays to LED screen display added more appeal to the already glitzy party. Then there is confetti too.

Electro Circuit 1
DJ Jerome setting up the party mood with his cool mixes. And he is a cutie too ;)

Electro Circuit 7
The LED screen display while DJ Funk Avy was playing definitely added much impact to the already hyper party

DJ Nina and DJ Funk Avy, who top billed the event, did not only attract more party people. Although unverified, I heard that some Manilenos flew all the way to Bohol just to catch the gigs of these two big names in the EDM scene to date.  The two also elevated the already high electrifying synergy that wrapped the entire Crabhouse by the Bay.  Drunk in the euphoric verve of EDM with shots of San Miguel or Bacardi in between, Nina and Funk Avy set the perfect mood to get Electro Circuit to an explosive climax befitting for a party that is aiming to be Bohol's premiere signature event.

Electro Circuit 9
She sizzles when she's off stage but sets the house on fire when she does her thing.  That is DJ Nina Saputil,
the disc jock bombshell who is sexy in her own skin and much sexier when she starts spinning.

Electro Circuit 8
Owning up to his name and reputation as the King of Electro Mashups, DJ Funk Avy got everyone on their feet
as soon as he came up on stage.  And man, he did really electrified Crabhouse by the Bay with every song he played.

Here is a cool video by Artworks of Scanhead with Vieuma founder Euf and lens man Patrick. Perfectly summarizes the party.

Posted by Artworks of Scanhead on Sunday, July 26, 2015

This is my second time to party and all of my party experience, all thanks to Electro Circuit. When on my first Electro (read post here), I started out awkward and clueless, the last Electro was a party I enjoyed down to the very last spin.  What makes it even more special is that it is the debut of Titans Entertainment, the entertainment giants behind Electro Circuit and the future of Bohol's entertainment party scene I dare say, and the Bohol Blogger's Society, the community of young promising bloggers who are native Boholanos or who simply love Bohol.  It's cool to spend the night with some of the most amazing guys.

Electro Circuit 6

Electro Circuit 5
It's a party worth remembering and an EDM Music Festival that screams Party of the Festivity

Undeterred under any circumstance, the chilly night cannot match the heat of the party fever that Electro Circuit was able to create.  Cool people, high spirits, great music, fun night --- all this in one place, on one night, for one great Sandugo party!

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