Electrified Under Neon Lights

9:30 PM

"I survived my first dance party," that is all that I could ever say right after the last mix was played and all the lights have faded.

I'm a homebody so being invited to cover Electro Circuit was a breathe of fresh air, although admittedly, I was totally clueless.  I don't know how to socialize and be there at the moment.  I was in fact sticking with the organizers rather than joining the party crowd.

But there was something about the energy that enveloped Crabhouse by the Bay that night.  It was a cold, gloomy night.  Ruby’s wrath was imminent. A public storm signal number one warning was given to our province and has caused a bit of panic to Boholanos.  However, the Bohol sky was cloudy but very calm.  It was the calm before the storm, a very treacherous kind. However, it did not stop the Boholano partyphiles to crowd the venue.

Right by the gates, you'll know this is not just your ordinary dance party and the night won't be short of awesome.  Fire dancers were greeting the partygoers, and if that wasn't enough to excite you guys, I don't know what else would.  Much more, the event happened to be in time with Ramp Models Association of Bohol's (RMAB) fifth year anniversary so what better way to celebrate than to hold a mini-fashion show featuring the dresses of renowned designer Mikee Andrei and Maximiel Tallo, and party right after.

(c) http://ghenlumayagphotography.com/

At first people were a little bit reserved but a few more shots of Bacardi took all those inhibitions away.  Soon after, the people grooved along with the live EDM-House mixes provided by the local disk jocks of Cebu and Bohol.  Everyone was having real fun...crazy clean fun!

As the night grew deeper, transforming into dusk, the synergy just took off, and everybody was high with the party spirit.  The celebrity guest DJs — Ashley Rivera, Tom Taus, and Jennifer Lee, in order of performance — heightened the party mode.  The energy was electrifying and infectious and when the Jennifer Lee ended the night with her final spin, everyone was still having much of a good time, including me.

Jennifer Lee in action.
(c) http://ghenlumayagphotography.com/

Ashley Rivera spinning.
9c) http://ghenlumayagphotography.com/

A not so good photo of Tom Taus doing his thing

Tom Taus, whose on his first visit to Bohol, described the entire Electro Circuit as “epic”. 

“It’s my first time here, and I wanna come back over and over,” he adds.

Ashley Rivera, who was in the mood of playing her famed Youtube persona, Petra Mahalimuyak expressed: “I love everything.  The crowd is so different. Sana na-appreciate nyo yung ginawa ko kasi dugo’t pawis kong pinaghirapan yung playlist na yun and I hope, sana ay partyng-party kayo.”

Jennifer Lee said, “[Electro Circuit was] great, super fun. Great crowd tsaka[it was] such a successful event.”

For a homebody like me, Electro Circuit was a great venue to hang out with friends and dance the stress away.  I am so pleased to attend, not to mention the opportunity to high five with Tom right after he called me while he was spinning and to interview the three celebrity DJs, especially my idol-slash-stress reliever, Ashley Mahalimuyak.

The sky was cloudy and calm but at Crabhouse by the Bay, it was a pop of neon and Ruby’s strength was unmatched by the Electro Circuit fever everyone caught.

Me enjoying the party. Sorry for looking ugly.


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