Kirby Asunto: Who's That Girl?

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The beautiful and extremely talented Kirby Asunto.
From Rebuilding Bohol's Official Facebook Page.

It is, perhaps, in every singer’s wish list: to sing the Philippine National Anthem in a global event.  So, when a rather unknown Filipina named Kirby Asunto was handpicked by the one and only People’s Champ, Manny Pacquiao to sing Lupang Hinirang during the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, microblogging site Twitter was filled with curious tweets. The question: Who is that girl?

Kirby sang and owned her moment, almost outshining the one singing Star-Spangled Banner was Jessica Sanchez, the half-Filipina American Idol runner up.  Netizens took notice of the petite girl who showcased her impressive vocals; the internet savvies, and the entire Philippine was pleased.

But who is Kirby Asunto?  She is young, barely legal at seventeen. She grew up in the States, but is very rooted to her Filipino roots, thanks to her mother Shirley, who has blood relatives in Garcia Hernandez.  She is an amazing singer.  Her performance in the NYC staging of Filipino operatic adaptation of Noli Me Tangere was met with overwhelming reviews.  She was even lauded by The New York Times, saying that the young soprano, who was fifteen back then, “demonstrated a clear, attractive voice as the altar boy Basilio.”  The article further implied that Asunto, along with Andrew Fernando who gave life to the iconic Padre Damaso, was the show’s saving grace.

More than just all the merits that make her worthy of the attention she is getting and the validation for her immense talent, Kirby is a big voice with an even bigger heart.  A heart of gold that is.

In a time and industry when most of the time, it is all about the money, Asunto doesn’t mind singing, even top billing events, probono.  She is never hesitant to say yes, all for a good cost.  Right after the onslaught of Yolanda, Kirby held a concert in Linden for the benefit of the typhoon victims in her mother’s hometown in Leyte --- Inopacan --- the proceeds of which was used to buy two ambulance and nebulizers which were afforded to the different towns.  She personally went to the area to see deliver the gifts herself.

Her mother even recalls an incident when Kirby gave her snacks to the kids one time when she was campaigning for a certain candidate in her Inopacan.  Kirby usually does not eat her snacks immediately; she consumes it in the vehicle or when they reach the city.  That time, she gave it to kids, saying that she can have those snacks readily but the kids in that area might not be able to enjoy those simple luxuries.

Kirby delights in helping out, and in seeing the sparkle in the eyes of those she is helping.  This time around, she is helping Loon, Bohol after she topbilled last night’s Rebuilding Bohol: Gift of Joy, The Benefit Concert, organized and produced by Dr. Rosendo Lopez III.  She will be sharing the stage with Journey frontman Arnel Pineda, Jacob Benedicto, and Marlo Mortel.  She will also share the spotlight with Jam 403 and the famed Loboc Children’s Choir during her performance. 

She looks like any ordinary teenage girl but she is living a life many aspiring singers would have wanted.  She is no longer a girl you haven’t hear about but wow you with her exceptional talent but a young teenager claiming her place in the music scene, but more so, a woman full of magnanimity. 

A photo op with Kirby. Such a nice young girl.


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