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One fact about me that surprise a lot of people is that I am an adventure seeker.  I love the outdoors and every now and then, I go trekking to unwind. Those who are not familiar with my hobby would turn out to be pleasantly surprised especially when I share details about my trips.

I owe my mountaineering training from Divine Word Outdoors Club (DWOC), Holy Name University’s (formerly Divine Word College of Tagbilaran, hence the name) only outdoor club.  Since the time it was founded, DWOC has grown into a breeding ground of many thrill seekers, with a roster of alumni currently engaged in different outdoor sports such as trekking, cycling, and paddling, all with a shared love for adventure and heart for responsible tourism and environmental conservation.

DWOC Batch 15 (L-R): Detch, Stella, Chandy, Becca, Faustine, Anter, and your blogger
Photo by Stella Marie Dacera

I joined back in December 2012 when I was still a senior college student.  Aside from the short orientation done in the classroom, the team organizes a fun climb at Mt. Padjan, Maribojoc, allowing mountaineering hopefuls to experience both the weariness and the ecstasy of being outdoors and being on top.

My first climb at Mt. Padjan, Maribojoc

Feeling like a champion, a quarter of the way up!

The fun climb is the springboard to a series of lectures, practice climbs, and outdoor adventures which will serve as the trainees’ preparations for the three minor climbs within the province, each training climb with a different level of difficulty that will test one’s endurance, physical preparedness, mountaineering skills, and perseverance, as well as the group’s overall teamwork.  Having completed the three minor climbs, the trainee is admitted to the organization.

Spelunking experience with my DWOC buddies (L-R) Becca, Stella, Joanna, Kristine,
Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014 candidate Candy Cumayas, Chandy, Marimay, and Aaron
Photo by Stella Marie Dacera

Aside from outdoor activities, DWOC is also among the province’s disaster response team.  In fact, in 2013, members and alumni of the outdoor club were among the organizations who delivered relief goods to those hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  The DWOC members carried with them sacks of rice to upland areas among the gravely hit municipalities such as Loon.  Aside from the weight of the relief goods, the group also had to create new trails and test these trails in order for the goods to reach afflicted families.

And the DWOC mountaineers are off to Canhangdon Oriental, Loon! But not on a climb mission, but deliverin goods to a...

A few hours before the start of the staging of Oktubre Kinse, a play depicting the tragedy and the succeeding
triumph of the Boholanos following the 2013 7.2 Earthquake.  Disaster response teams such as Redcross,
the Philippine Army, Tarsier 117, and of course, DWOC were part of the play,
making the portrayals realistic and heart wrenching.]
Photo by Ann Therese Decasa of the Curious Onion

Joining Divine Word Outdoors Club gave me a great opportunity to see Bohol in a different (and yes, higher) perspective.  I got to bring myself to Bohol’s most beautiful places that are not part of the majority’s bucket list.  There are the beautiful rice terraces in Barangay Cadapdapan and the majestic Can-umantad Falls, both in Candijay, the historical Camp Verde in Duero which was the last bastion to fall under the Japanese regime, and to the foot of Mt. Cumbing in Barangay Biabas, Guindulman which is considered to be the highest peak in the province.  I was also able to experience so many things that I would have never thought I would, like being in two places at one time while being on a ridge traversing to Jagna from Duero.  But the best part of walking with DWOC was knowing myself.  I was able to come face to face with certain fears and in a way, conquer them.  I was able to test my limits and realize that in a way, as long as I think of my safety first, I can be limitless.

My make up at Bilar as a trainee

My very first fog experience at Guindulman.  Here we are, heading our way
to Mt. Cumbing at an early morning with very thick fog in our midst.

This would forever be in the books.  Looking at a rainbow without even looking up.
Imagine how high we are while we are camping at Camp Verde, Duero

Mt. Cumbing is one of the most picturesque places I've ever been to. Its hard not to tap the frustrated model in me.

Divine Word Outdoors Club allowed me to appreciate Bohol and myself even more.  In time with Visit Bohol 2015, I feel that being a DWOC alumnus has given me a wonderful role in promoting Bohol to the world just as much as I feel a huge responsibility to promote Bohol and at the same time be a walking example in terms of promoting responsible tourism and environmental consciousness.   And I know that the organizations’ fourteen (14) newly accepted members feel the same as me.

For adventure seekers, DWOC is the best platform to start fulfilling your desires of having an adventure-filled lifestyle.  Walking with DWOC will be a good stepping stone in testing ourselves and appreciating the beauty that is only Bohol.

A memento from my graduation climb and that of Batch 16/17.  Both photos include the
chieftain of the Eskaya tribe in Brgy. Biabas, Guindulman.  In ours (photo above) is Tatay Juan (old man in maroon)
who succumb to death last year.  Batch 16/17 is photographed together with the new chieftain (in printed blue shirt)
who also sits as one of the Barangay's kagawads.


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