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Ninety two kilometers away from Tagbilaran City is the Municipality of Candijay, a rousing town abounded by nature’s enchanting treasures. A potential favorite to nature lovers and adventurers alike, Candijay is certainly worthy of high commendations for the richness of its lands and waters.

I’ve been to Candijay twice, both with the Divine Word Outdoors Club’s aceptance climb.  The first one was my batch’s acceptance climb while this one is for batch 16 and 17’s.

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While we followed the same trail and had the same itinerary, our stopover destinations are still as breathtaking as it was the first time I saw these natural wonders.  Hidden or unheard of they might be to many but Candijay’s secrets are something all the world should see.

Here is a list of the sites we passed by or took a stopover in our recent climb in Candijay!

1. Canawa Spring

Canawa Spring, Candijay

Kilometers away from the starting point of our journey is Canawa Spring, a cauldron (kawa)-shaped body of water, hence the name.  The azure waters are cold and the foliage surrounding Canawa gives it a more relaxing feel.  Beautiful as it is, Canawa Spring is also mystifying, with numerous attempts to measure its depth end unsuccessful.  As of this writing, no one has ever reached the bottom of Canawa so for those who can’t really swim or who gets cramps when the feet are soaked in water after a long walk (just like me), it’s better to say on the sides.  Ropes running across the spring have been installed recently so if ever you can’t swim but wants to enjoy the waters, please do hold on to those ropes.

DWOC batchmate Stella during our first visit to Canawa in 2013
Photo taken using myPhone A898 Duo

2. The river flowing from Can-umantad

The starting point of our river trek

From Canawa Spring, we take a short but quite challenging river trek to Can-umantad Falls.  The water is clear and cool.  However, the currents could be really strong and those who cannot really support themselves might be taken by the flowing water.  Certain parts could also be very deep which is ideal for swimming.  Aside from that, tributary falls may also be seen on the side.

DWOC Batch 16/17 trudging the river

DWOC seniors Tom Esquin, Anter Decasa of Curious Onion, and Rebecca Caliao photographed
beside the deeper parts of the river

The river's current, for the two times I've trekked it, has always been strong.  It can be seen in this photo.

3. Can-umantad Falls
At the end of the exhilarating river trek is what once was among Bohol’s hidden treasures — Can-umantad Falls.  The falls is the province’s highest in terms of elevation, meaning that the falls is located way above sea level.  Can-umantad measures sixty feet, which accordingly what its name mean, kan-uman (which sounds like kaunuman, six times).

The majestic Can-umantad Falls of Candijay

Can-umantad’s view is definitely divine and spectacular, with its cascading waters filling you with both awe and tranquility.

A peek of Can-umantad Falls from a higher ground, just before we went river trekking

The falls from a different angle

Can-umantad used to be inaccessible to many tourists.  In my recent trip, however, an area of the forest that surrounds the place has been cleared to create a rough road from the main barangay road.  Anyone who wants to see the falls simply has to drive and stop by the roadside.  Don’t hesitate to ask for directions.

Can-umantad is among the most picturesque falls I've ever seen. I'm tapping the
frustrated model in me in this shot with fellow DWOC senior Mark Owen Limpo giving this
shot a comical twist.  Taken using my snatched (LOL) myPhone A898 Duo phone.

4. Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

The gorgeous rice terraces of Brgy. Cadapdapan

What remains of the harvest season that has gone is this golden version of the terraces

If the Philippines takes pride for its Banaue Rice Terraces, Candijay also has its version of it, which is as beautiful as its Luzon counterpart.  The rice terraces could go from vibrant green to an enchanting gold, depending on the season.  It is picturesque and the surrounding view provides a respite from the challenging hike from Can-umantad.

This was back in 2013 and during my first visit, the fields were green.
Taken using my snatched myPhone A898 Duo

No need to go to Banaue! All we need is to head to Cadapdapan to see this gorgeous site.
Taken using my myPhone A898 Duo.

Professor Jonathan Neri, DWOC adviser, in this beautiful shot.
Taken using my myPhone A898 Duo phone
The fastest way to Candijay is to take the Tagbilaran East Road. Those who have their own rides will get there in around an hour and thirty minutes, rough estimates.  The journey starts at the barangay road of Brgy. Tubod.  A few kilometers up is Canawa Spring and then a few more kilometers will be Can-umantad Falls.

Commuters like me may take a bus or a van bound for Ubay via Alicia at the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT).  Fare is at Php90.00 to Php120.00 for buses, depending on whether you are in an air conditioned or a non-air conditioned bus, and Php120.00 for V-Hire.  Make sure to stop at the public market of Brgy. Lungsoddaan and take a habal-habal to Canawa Spring and/or to Can-umantad Falls.  Fare for Canawa Spring is at Php40.00.  Travelling time will take around two hours.

Locals taking a bath in one of the deeper (if not the deepest) part of the river.  It looks like a basin from above that bridge.

Hayahay is a visayan word for comforting and relaxing.  And without denying or even second thinking, the magnificence of the natural wonders in Candijay is definitely relaxing.  It fills the eyes with brimming beauty and soothes the soul with the tranquility and solace that only unexploited territories could provide.  And this is the state we are to keep these places and we can only do such by exercising responsible tourism.

Ang kahayahay sa Candijay is unquestionably an additional reason, why I, and you (should, too) BEHOLD BOHOL!


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