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Aside from Anda's heavenly beaches, their cave pools are also among their must-see travel spots.  However, we need to remember that cave pools are delicate tourist attractions that should never be abused by human activity in order for it to retain its beauty.  If we don't want another Hinagdanan Cave sad story, then we should be mindful of these cave pools fragility.

During our blogger's activity in Anda last December, we were toured to three of Anda's well-known and breathtaking cave pools.
Our first stop is probably the number one in the list of Anda cave pools, Cabagnow.  Located in Bgry. Bacong, Cabagnow is a cave pool estimated to be ten feet deep.  It's opening is on the ground.  The water is blue and very clean to the point that you can get  a glimpse of the bottom.  It might look small from above but according to the locals, Cabagnow is very spacious inside.  The problem is, if you get tired, you don't have anything to hold on to.  The cave's ceiling is too high to be reached.

Cabagnow Cave Pool

Should you want to go take a dip on Cabagnow, make sure you rent a rope ladder from nearby houses.  They do have one in case a visitor wants to swim.  

And did you know that this is the cave pool where Jericho Rosales took a dive when he was shooting Panday here in Bohol? Now you know!

Tibao Cave Pool

The second destination is Tibao Cave Pool.  This one is a few meters away from Cabagnow; hence, a more remote alternative.  Surrounded by trees, Tibao is a relaxing swimming ground for those who wish to experience how it is to take a plunge in a cave pool.  In fact, this is where me and my fellow bloggers got ourselves wet!

Cebuano Heritage Interpreter Ka Bino Guererro (Instagram: @ka_bino) was the first one to bath at Tibao.
Ka Bino Guererro while posing for his GoPro, Kuya Miong Tampus of Cebu Events blog,
your blogger and Anter Decasa of Curious Onion enjoying the Tibao Cave Pool

The water is also blue and clear.  And yes, cold!

By the entrance of Combento

Our final stop is Combento Cave Pool located in Brgy. Virgen.  Now this one is a lot like Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis, although much smaller and cleaner.  Like all Anda cave pools, the water is definitely clean and blue.  The only difference is that this one is extremely cold and can even measure up to 17 degrees celsius.

Martin Snidjer warmly welcomes me and my camera inside the Combento Cave Pool

Kuya Miong Tampus, Kuya Junix Villacorta, Martin Snidjer, and Ka Bino Guererro

Bohol is such a marvel.  Geographically, our island paradise is diverse for having hills, ridges, and caves.  And not just mere caves and cave pools, which, as I have mentioned earlier are fragile natural wonders.  And for Anda to have so much, the town, and of course, Bohol, is just so blessed.

These cave pools are definitely an additional reason why I, and you (should too), Behold BOHOL!


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