#BeholdBohol: The Best Beach in Town

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I'm trying to be witty and candid with that title.

Seriously though, while Anda is slowly emerging as Bohol's next tourist destination, thanks to its pristine white sandy beaches, you should now that there could only be one beach that might suit your preference at that time.  Whether you are touring in a tight budget or is very willing to splurge for the sake of R&R, or you just want to lay on the sand under the heat of the sun or what to go for a dive, Anda has a wide array of choices.

On the second day of our Blogger's Activity (see story here), we visited some of Anda's well-known resorts and here is a sneak peak of what's up for grabs.

Quinale Beach and Quinale Beach Bar
Now this is the first time that a public beach has it's own name.

Quinale used to be Anda's name centuries back and it has become the namesake now of the municipality's public beach.  No entrance fees to pay.  The beach is free for public use and is very accessible.  In fact, it was what welcomed us during out arrival in Anda.

There are no cottages in Quinale which would be ideal for those who dig the picnic setups when hitting the beach.  You may also pitch a tent for some camping escapade. Now that's one great way to have a perfect night out. Just make sure the sky is clear.

In case you didn't have some food with you, you can simply buy it straight from the canteens lined up in the Anda Public Market which is just a few meters away from Quinale Beach or spend a few more bucks at Quinale Beach Bar.

FloWer Beach and Diving Resort
Virgen, Anda
+63 (0) 918 579 6166

FloWer Beach is among the more budget friendly accommodations that Anda has, with room rates ranging from Php2,800 to Php3,600.  Majority of the structures in the resort are made of wood and other native materials giving the resort a rustic and very cozy touch.  The view of the beach is just so beautiful and is inviting.  They also have a pool for those who does not like to soak their hair in salty water.

Beach front with Cebuano Heritage Interpreter, Ka Bino Guerrero

A quick stroll in the beach will give you the necessary peace and quiet since FloWer has a number of spots for you to just savor your tranquil moments.  Like for example this small kiosk by the beach with some little fishes swimming beneath.  There is also a small cave by the beach where you relax and have some private time with yourself.

The cave with Anter Decasa of Curious Onion sitting near the cave's entrance.

A view of the cave.  It's spacious inside but will not allow you to stand. 

One of the best attributes also of FloWer Resort is that it caters for vacationers with very active and extreme lifestyles.  FloWer happens to be a dive resort also and offers diving activities and scuba lessons.  That's one thing I should try myself.

J & R Residence
Sitio Dagohoy, Bacong, Anda
+63 (0) 908 821 5480

We were told, while we were on our way to J & R, that it is among the mid-range accommodations in terms of price.  But when we reach the place, we were all like "THIS IS MID-RANGE!?!"  We all cannot believe at what we're looking at and it make us wonder, how does the high-end ones look like?

J & R is nothing short of posh and sophisticated.  Plus it feels very homey with the owners, Jilo and Ralf (hence, J & R) tending to your needs.

The room rates are as follows:
Ocean View Family Villa - Php6,500 per night
Beach House - Php5,500 per night
Ocean Front Apartment – Php4,500 per night
Garden House – Php3,500 per night

J & R makes for a great place to unwind whether you lounge by the dining area, go swimming in the pool, or bask under the heat of the sun by the beach.  And while guess may encounter each other, J & R retains a calm peaceful atmosphere that backpackers would surely love.

These are just three.  There are still five beach cottages and 23 remaining accommodation establishments, each offering a tranquil escapade.

Inside the Tourism Information Center of Anda with good friend Anter Decasa and Ruben Licera.

Should you don't know where to head, the Anda Tourism Information Center is always at your service.  It's just behind Quinale Beach Bar.  Perhaps they can provide you options as to what suits your idea of an Anda getaway.  Now that how the best beach in town make all of us Behold BOHOL!


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