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It is quite an amazement as to how such a small town in the east side of Bohol holds so much beauty.  From white sandy beaches, pristine waters, lush greenery, to its culture and history, it is no wonder that the little town of Anda is now becoming Bohol's newest tourism haven.

Last December 20 to 21, I had the chance to see, for the first time, the grandeur of this municipality, along with fellow bloggers from Bohol and Cebu.  What started as an idea by Boholana entrepreneur Dalareich Polot was heavily supported by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) after the agency, to Dal's surprise, offered to organize a blogging activity to aid Anda's tourism endeavours and spread the spirit of sharing.

One look at Anda and you'll know that it is prepping itself to be a tourism-friendly destination.  In my travels around Bohol, it is only in Anda that I found signages installed in conspicuous places to aid visitors in going to where they plan to go to.  It is quite impressive to note that Anda is not that much of a big place and yet the LGU of Anda thought and realize that idea!

Helpful signs seen from my window

The fastest way to go to Anda is to travel via Tagbilaran East Road.  People with their own transportation may reach the place in an hour and thirty minutes, depending on the smoothness of the trip.

Meanwhile, those who plan to ride public utility vehicles may catch a bus bound to Ubay en-route Anda at the Dao Integrated Bus Terminal.  Just ask around as to which bus will pass by Anda.  Fare will be pegged at around Php100.00 and travel time will be around two hours to two hours and a half.

Anda is home to a variety of ecotourism and eco-cultural sites, making a day of travel in the municipality insufficient to see all the places they can take pride off.  I advice you dear readers to plan your trip well and allocate at least two days in order to see the best of Anda.

What has made Anda famous is it's white sand beaches that have remained pure and clean over time.  The white sand are finer than most of the beaches I have been while the water is clear and pristine. Anda's distance from the buzzing city life gave the place the upper hand when it comes to escapism and a serene and tranquil escapade.

A foreign couple walking along Quinale Beach

But aside from its to-die-for beaches, Anda had a lot more to offer.  Here are some of the places in Anda that I've been to.

1. Anda Boardwalk

A beautiful walk in the midst of thick mangrove forests, this boardwalk is your starting point to your journey to the mystic island of Lamanoc.  The structure is majorly sturdy and the view is just relaxing as it is breathtaking.

2. The Mystic Island of Lamanoc

Visitors to Lamanoc Island will be welcomed by this beautiful kiosk/ reception area

Lamanoc is a true representation of preserved beliefs and traditions in the modern times.  Lamanoc is quite unfamiliar with Boholanos but one place that one should never miss when visiting Anda.  Aside from its historical and archaeological significance, Lamanoc also serves as grounds for different shamans from Anda and neighboring places to renew their "vows".

3. Cave Pools

The famous Cabagnow Spring

Aside from beaches, anyone who visits Anda may take a dip in their many cave pools.  The waters are crystal clear and could get really cold.  The "exclusivity" it offers plus the coolness of the water will make you end up feeling absolutely refreshed.

In two days, I was able to see quite a handful of Anda's unique and interesting beauty.  Yet, I left with so much wanting for more knowing that there is also a whole lot more to see and experience.  Nonetheless,  Andale Anda Blogger's activity was an experience deeply cherished, not only because I met friends thriving in the competitive world of blogging but also because I was able to be see, for the first time, the charming little town of Anda.

A groupie with the group

Anda --- a small town oozing with richness in natural and cultural beauty, truly, an added reason why I, and you (should, too), BEHOLD BOHOL!

Some information taken from www.ashlinspiration.com by Ashley Uy.  Do visit the site too.


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