Miss Bohol 2015: A Clash of Talents

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Last July 12, the Miss Bohol 2015 candidates showcased their talents during their Talent Night.  And oh boy! It was one explosive night.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 6

It was showmanship at its finest with all 23 performers showcasing their skills to their adoring crowd.  There are those who played musical instruments (Panglao, Batuan), displayed their vocal chops (Balilihan, Corella), grooved to the beat of the music (Dimiao, San Isidro, Anda, Sum Financial Services, Cortes, Dauis, Carmen, Pres. CPG, Tubigon, Baclayon), channeled their inner actress (Loon), painted (Bilar, BISU), declaimed (Guindulman, Talibon) while there are those who did almost everything in one stretch (Alicia, Jagna, Tagbilaran, Sierra Bullones).

Nearing to the end, the Giv Beauty Award was given to Miss Balilihan, Pauleen Quiñal.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 6

While there are no results announced, allow me to share my top 5 picks for the Best in Talent tilt.

We begin at 5th place Miss Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, Marjorie Therese Monte who showcased her grace and sass in her ballroom/ dance sport number.  Her every twist and turn was smoldering and her stunts were death defying.  We watch her and we all gasp whenever she is lifted and turned by her partner and we feel the sexiness with her every step.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 4

Miss Tubigon Charlaine Radoc comes in 4th place.  Her gracefulness was shining through with her execution of Filipino folk dances and it was flawless.  Much more, she was matching it with a big smile on her face, which the radiates the enjoyment she feels doing her act.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 5

Third place citation is given to Dahlia Rose Rada, Miss Loon. The only full acting act for this year, Loon made a remarkable impression for her acting chops.  She portrayed the emotion of a cheated OFW wife and the distraught of a scorned woman.  For sure, the audience felt her.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 3

My personal runner up for Best in Talent is Miss Jagna Ma. Rhea Rebecca Rocha.  Her act centered on breast cancer awareness, opening it with a declamation piece stating the latest breast cancer statistics and the pain felt by a woman who has the Big C.  Switching to her interpretative dance, Rhea continued to display the emotion in movement and facial expression.  It was an act with so much substance and worthy of all the applause it garnered.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 1

And my bet for the Best in Talent Award is none other than the lady wearing the Miss Tagbilaran sash, Mary Eda Cimafranca.  Tagbilaran's piece was aesthetically pleasing, switching her look from haunting (in her white gown in the midst of smoke) to shocking (clad in a skintone body suit with splash of red paint for blood).  It was also well-executed and her dance was undeniably powerful (the live drum music amplified the feel).  Her singing, speaking, and dancing truly gave justice to the domestic violence issue which she was trying to present in her act.

MissBohol2015 Talent Night 2

So they are my Top 5 picks.  I don't know about the judges.  I could be right or be wrong.

Should you want to know who will bag the Miss Talent award or win the Miss Bohol 2015 crown, watch the Grand Coronation Night happening tomorrow at the Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium.  Show starts at 7pm.


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