12 Questions with Queenie Melody Fullante

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12 Questions  with Queenie 1

Perhaps everyone will agree if I say that Queenie Melody Fullante, Miss Bohol 2014 from Dauis (her hometown's first crown ever) is one of the most dynamic and active Miss Bohol titleholders to date.  And it probably was just God's grace that she got hold of the much-coveted crown after it reinvented itself into an advocacy-oriented provincial beaucon.

I have known Queenie since 2011, when she was also a full-fledged SCAn of the University of Bohol unit while I was still on my way to becoming one.  Although we haven't seen each other much because we come from different schools, from time to time, I will be surprised to see photos of her.  Those photos capture her blossoming from the simple (she calls it yagit days) Queenie to the beauty queen that she is now.

12 Questions  with Queenie 3
Queenie during the Miss Bohol 2015 outreach at Holy Trinity Angels Orphanage in Albur. Photo from the Miss Bohol 2015 Official Facebook Page

But while she commands with her strong presence and self confidence, what didn't change about her is her friendliness, She remains the approachable, kind, and sweet (although she said that she is not the sweet kind) young lady I met four years back.  And then there is also her strong heart for service left unchanged and it was this strong passion to be of service that allowed her to maximize her title and find fulfillment in it.

Queenie shares: “[Together with JCI Chocolate Hills, we were able to hold a] medical mission and dental mission at a barangay in Carmen and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, respectively. I was also able to hold projects like the Christmas puppet show at identified kids’ schools and care homes and was there at Loboc and Cortes right after the flood to distribute some relief goods. Moreover, together with my PYM family and our previous parish priest we initiated a blood typing project in Dauis.”

12 Questions  with Queenie 5
Queenie's soft spot always shows during her encounters with people. Taken during the Miss Bohol 2015 Bohol Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Project.
Photo from the Miss Bohol 2015 Official Facebook Page

In a few hours, Queenie will have to give the title to another lady who will hopefully continue the great things she has done.  She has choice words for her though.

“You need to understand that true beauty comes from within. It is with kindness that true beauty comes to life. Along the way, you will meet different people and different circumstances, treat them right and never forget to learn from them. Stay simple and humble. Finally, always do things that will uphold the integrity and dignity of your title.”

12 Questions  with Queenie 2
Being an official chaperone and big sister to the Miss Bohol 2015 delegates, Queenie is.  Photo from the Miss Bohol 2015 official Facebook page

It must be destiny that a Queenie became a beauty queen as Miss Bohol 2014.  A crown made her the queen that she has been, an icon of quintessence to every Boholano who was able to see and meet her.  Yet, when the crown is no longer on her head and the spotlight is on a new woman, Queenie — the beautiful woman from Dauis with a strong sense of mission and a passion for service, the sweet beauty queen that is hardworking, dedicated, and optimistic — will always be the queen that she will always be.

1. Describe yourself using the first letter of your first name
Can I say Quintessential? QueeniEssential (a portmanteau on the word quintessential and her name Queenie), maybe ;)

2. If you are not Miss Bohol or a future accountant, what would have you been?
Honestly, I have no idea. 

3. What’s the most romantic thing a guy did to you? On the other hand, what’s the most romantic thing you did for a guy?
This! Haha. Not applicable. I have never been in a romantic relationship yet.

4. What’s the most memorable memory from your childhood?
Had a great bicycle crash and landed on our neighbor’s cornfield that destroyed almost half of all the “mais” standing. :D

5. What is it about Bohol that makes you so proud of it?
Everything. From the coral reefs, to the beaches, to the diverse wildlife, to the unique land forms, to the Chocolate Hills, to the Tarsier, to the resorts, to the fireflies and to the people. I am just so in love with everything about Bohol. It may just be a little paradise but I am very proud of my haven.

6. Name one thing you like and one thing you don't like about pageants.
[What I like about pageantry is its] genuine advocacy while I don't like the not so good status quo of it.

12 Questions  with Queenie 4
Queenie shows what an ideal Miss Bohol should be through action.  Taken during the Miss Bohol 2015 Bohol Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Project.
Photo from the Miss Bohol 2015 Official Facebook Page

7. A song that you are guilty of singing but you are just shy to admit?
“Amnesia” – by 5 Seconds of Summer

8. Name one Bohol tourist destination that best represents Queenie.

9. What is your dream proposal?
I'm still dreaming of it. Haha!

10. Why should people visit Bohol?
Simply because, Bohol has it all and it’s all in Bohol.

11. What is your favorite street food?
Isaw! Treats please!

12. What is one thing about you that surprises many people?
The way I burp. 

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Don't forget to catch Miss Bohol 2015 coronation night happening on July 18 at Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium.  Show starts at 7pm.


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