Kurambos: Arts in Convergence

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For those like me who loves and appreciates the creative expression of the human soul and is free from the clutches of any romantic relationship, the month of February is not one that would unleash bitterness and resentments over lost love or the lack of love, whichever applies.  In fact, February is a month-long celebration of the arts, being declared as National Arts Month by virtue of Proclamation No. 683 signed by the late President Cory Aquino in 1991.

Kurambos 1
The banner and theme of this year's National Arts Month celebration.
Photo from the NCCA Facebook Page

Spearheaded by the Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage (BACH) Council in partnership with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Center for Culture and Arts Development (CCAD) of the Provincial Government of Bohol, the BOHOL SANDUGO Foundation, KASING SINING and the Diocese of Tagbilaran, the National Arts Month celebration in the province commenced last February 5 at the Bohol Cultural Center.
This year’s celebration carries the theme Kurambos: Arts in Convergence.  Kurambos is a Bisayan slang which means “to bring together the various resources of a group to realize an activity or common endeavor.”  For instance, a group of youngsters want to go on a picnic.  Each one contributes any amount he has so the group could buy tuba to be shared equally, regardless of how much one has put for the common kitty.

Kurambos 2
Bohol's NAM celebration bears the theme Kurambos: Arts in Convergence
Photo from Gardy Labad/ CCAD

Art is a multi-faceted expression of the human spirit.  Having many faces, art can only be appreciated as such through the different art disciplines sharing its craft and unique expressions to enhance each other, highlight each other and enhance each other.  Just like the banig, a native mat which is the beautiful end product of various leaves woven together by the craftsman, this year’s celebration hopes to highlight and celebrate the multi-faceted expressions of art coming in convergence with each other’s talents.

True to its theme, the opening salvo of the Bohol NAM celebration featured a simultaneous showcase of different creative processes such as in music, poetry, painting, and even amakan and banig weaving.

Kurambos 3
Boholano artists collaborate for a painting sesh done during the NAM opening program
Photo by Gardy Labad/ CCAD

Kurambos 4
Amakan weavers from Toril, Maribojoc showed the art in the amakan industry.
Photo by Gardy Labad/ CCAD

Many activities have been lined up for this year’s edition of the NAM.  One of which happened yesterday, the provincial celebration of the Peace Day.

The full list of activities of activities can be seen below.

FEBRUARY 2  - Opening Ceremonies, Bohol Cultural Center

FEBRUARY 10 - Peace Day/ Celebration of Peace Initiatives

FEBRUARY 17-19 - Exhibits of different Boholano artists                                  
A. SHOW 101 HIGHLIGHTS of the Bohol Island State University Industrial Design Students, Bohol Cultural Center
B. Individual and Other Group Works

FEBRUARY 20 Founding Congress and Festival of TABOK, the Central Visayas Regional Theater Network with workshops, organizational launching, and performances from drama groups from Cebu, Negros, and Bohol, with a Special Preview of DAGOHOY THE MUSICAL by the Bohol Theater Network headed by KASING SINING

FEBRUARY 23 - Arts Talk Series
Arts Talk 1: The Making of Philippine Indie Movies Today featuring Film Makers behind Heneral Luna, Lakbay2Love, and Honor Thy Father, Bohol Cultural Center

FEBRUARY 24 to MARCH - PINUGA SA HUNA HUNA, An Exhibit of the Faculty and Students of the University of Bohol College of Fine Arts and Architecture

FEBRUARY 24 - Arts Talk Series
Arts Talk 2: The Impact of the ASEAN Integration on the Arts Scene in Asia with Philippine Ambassador for the ASEAN Luis Cruz and Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Artistic Director Chris MilladoBohol Cultural Center

FEBRUARY 26 - BALOT BEER BALAK, an evening of poetry hosted by the Kaliwat ni Karyapa (KaKa), Plaza Rizal

FEBRUARY 27 - Concert of VISAYAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA from Cebu,Bohol  Cultural Center

EVERY SUNDAY OF THE MONTH - Workshop cum diagnosis Music Clinic, Different chamber venues within the city and in the towns

February is more than just the flowers clustered into a bouquet, the sweet chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, the fluffy teddy bears, the candle light dinners, and the lovers that proclaim their love.  This month, for any artist, art enthusiasts, and art lovers across generations, is a revelry of the arts — creativity that binds not just hearts and souls, but also societies and nations.


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