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It was 365 fleeting days full of bliss and struggles gone at the stroke of midnight.  And all that is left are the memories made and the lessons learned.  The smiles, the tears, the hardships, the triumphs --- all of them are now tiny bits of a year that has gone.

I can't help but go deep upon reexamining how 2015 went for me.  It was not because it was not as glitzy or as exciting as 2014 was.  I still had my celebrity encounters and I had my wonderful experiences.  I have so many things to be thankful for last year.


The previous year was filled with wonderful experiences and great encounters.

As a pageant fan, I was definitely thrilled to watch my first Mutya sa Tagbilaran and Miss Bohol pageants.  For that year's edition of Bohol's most important pageant, I made a fearless forecast (my second in Deejay Writes) which I divided into two parts: the first one for my top 6 to 10 girls while the second one was my Top 5 with the addition of my three alternate girls. I was so thrilled that I got six out of my ten girls right, eight if I include my alternates.  And much more thrilled that I was right predicting Eda Cimafranca of Tagbilaran City to win Miss Bohol 2015.

Reflecting 2015 2
Miss Bohol 2015 smiles to the crowd after being announced last year's quintessential Boholana
Reflecting 2015 3
Good friend and Miss Balilihan 2015 Paulene Quinal posed for a souvenir photo after the show

Reflecting 2015 4
Miss Panglao 2015 Charmaine Ness Sagaral and her prep team, including make up artist Epe Relampagos
and Deo Guden, looking fierce backstage.

Last year, I was invited to numerous events both as a blogger and as a journalist. One of which was the Bohol International Chorale Festival and Competition last June.  Groups from all over Philippines and some international delegations showcased their gift of music for me, and the rest of the audience to enjoy. Every performance was hair-raising and some notes could be really breathtaking.  I was also able to get to know Mr. Cool Jae Huh, a Korean musician who is among the minds behind the BICFC.

An article on the recently held 2nd Bohol International Festival and CompetitionsThank you Deejay Writes!
Posted by Dbti Boscorale on Saturday, July 4, 2015

I have also encountered people who I have developed good relationships with up until now.  This includes Bohol's Chocolate Princess Dalareich Polot, the young entrepreneur behind Bohol's first local artisanal chocolate line Ginto Cholates.  There is also Miss Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante who gamely answered #12Questions.  The girls of Boholano Kpop cover group Agassi Dae, who won the ICM Kpop Dance Revolution 2015, have become really good friends of mine and has led me to meet other Boholano Kpop fans through the Bohol Hallyu Gathering 2015 last June, which I hosted. I also met the food heroes behind FoPo Food Powder and toured them around Bohol last July.

On top of everything that has happened last year was of course the first year anniversary of this humble blog of mine.  In a year, Deejay Writes has become part of TopBlog's Top 200 Lifestyle and Entertainment Blogs which is a great feat in itself.  Moreover, Deejay Writes (and your blogger here) has introduced to many Boholanos new cafes, restaurants, and resorts to visit and try. It is humbling to know that my friends visit these new business ventures after reading about it in Deejay Writes.

Chill Pill's Choco Java oozes with all the divine sweetness of chocolate. A great fix for your serotonin booster needs....
Posted by Deejay Writes on Thursday, September 17, 2015

On a personal note, I would always be thankful for 2015 because on that year, I was able to finally put a check mark on one of the items in my bucket list by celebrating my birthday with the kids at Trinity Angels Care Home in my hometown, Alburquerque.  It was an overwhelming afternoon of joy and grace.  I am thankful to my friends, especially Miss Philippines Earth Bohol 2015 Gayle Suzette Yu for helping me with my birthday celebration.

Reflecting 2015 5


Admittedly, 2015 ensued a personal struggle.  It's not that I am having psychological issues.  It is just that growing up makes you fear a lot.  In 2015, I know I was not able to give my all, that I wasn't my best. Part of me was pulling me back.  I was slowly losing momentum.  And while I, at some point, would try to brush it off whenever I felt it last year, it definitely is scary to look at it now.

I try to psyche myself thinking that this year would be a year of redemption. Acknowledging the problems and the struggles I went through last year is the first step of healing and becoming better.  Breaking my eyeglasses last Saturday came as a sort of a revelation, like a metaphor in real life. It's like saying that you it is time for me to get a new vision, a more reinvigorated perspective in life.  And I understand that becoming better is a slow process that only begins when you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready; I am taking it slowly, one step every day.

The year 2015 was not really a bad year.  It is one that I am still thankful for.  Every moment of happiness I had last year was something I would forever treasure.  The struggles I went through, now at 2016, is the stepping stone for me to redefine myself in a positive way.

Reflecting 2015 6

I am grateful to have shared last year with you dear readers.  Cheers for a great year ahead!


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