Ube Festival kicks off today

6:00 PM

Ubi Festival banner

The three-day festivities dedicated to Bohol’s “venerated” root crop, the ubi (purple yam) began today.

The 16th Bohol Ubi Festival commenced with an opening program at the Bohol Cultural Center.  It was graced by the Department of Agriculture Regional Executive Director for Region 7 Angel C. Enriquez and Former Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla as Keynote Speaker.  The exhibit at the Plaza Rizal followed suit through ribbon cutting ceremony.

Throughout the event, exhibitors of different ube variants as well as different ube products, endemic rootcrops, and sustainable agricultural products will be showcased at the Plaza.  Different competitions are also scheduled over the next two days, including the Ubi Cuisine Contest at the Bohol Cultural Center sponsored by the Provincial Tourism Council and the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR) and the Literary Musical Contest comprised of Balak, Kuradang, Rap and Jingle, and the Bugno sa Rondalla at the Plaza Rizal.

Ubi has become an important part of Bohol’s rich cultural identity and heritage.  Legend has it that in ancient times, long before the Spaniards came, Bohol was struck by a famine.  During those times, wild ubi was found to be edible.  It was because of this discovery that led to the root crop saving the people from hunger and death.  Considered as a gift from God, Boholanos have “venerated” ubi, going as much as kissing the crop when one accidentally drops it. Kinampay, considered to be the king of all ubi variants, is the only crop mentioned in the Bohol hymn.

Visit the Plaza Rizal to purchase Bohol's sweet purple yams and take part of this agricultural and cultural festivity.


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