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Tambahayan Café, the cozy hideout that captured many locals and foreign residents alike, is now transferred to a better, bigger location at Dr. Cecilio Putong Street (formerly Maria Clara Street), now beside STK Food House. From the small but dainty location where the original Tambahayan used to be, it is now in a house that was transformed to provide a cozy place for their patrons, or tambays, as they are fondly called.

Last Friday, Tambahayan opened the doors of its new location for everyone who wants to experience the warmth of home and the comfort of a tambayan.  Coming in the new place, you'll see how the new Tambahayan retains the atmosphere that it has been known and loved by their tambays and is proven by the many that flocked the new Tambahayan in an evening of food and entertainment.  No less than Madam Enriqueta "Equit" Butalid graced the event and was even generous enough to open the night’s showcase of talents by doing one thing she does best ---- playing piano.  The Bohol Master Singers, with Master Conductor Butch de Juan, on the piano also rendered songs to the guests.

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Madam Enriqueta Butalid floored the crowd with her unmatched talent in piano. What a way to start the night that night!

Tambahayan 3
Certainly one of the best moments of the night is when Sir Butch played the piano while his wife, and Tambahayan owner, Miss Vida, sang to the tambays.

What I like best about Tambahayan is that it is as homey as it is artsy.  The name itself, a portmanteau of the words bahay (home) and tambayan (a hangout place), perfectly sum up what the café is all about — a welcoming and homey hangout place for anyone with the penchant for arts, music, beauty, and of course, great food.  A haven for the artsy, indeed!

Tambahayan 4
Wooden walls adorned with paintings. White ceilings with hanging dream catchers.  This place is just so pretty and hippy.

Tambahayan 5
Posted photos of wonderful moments shared in the cafe keeps the beautiful painting company on that wall.

Aside from that, Tambahayan is simple reflective of the heart of soul of its owner (or should I call her chief tambay instead), Ms. Vida Tirol de Juan.  An advocate of culture, literature, and arts, it is not surprising that the shop is a haven for everyone who shares the same love and passion that she does.  The walls are adored with hanged paintings of local artists, including one that is made by Miss Vida and her daughter, Bea.

Tambahayan 7
The colorful painting is a collaborative work by the mother-and-daughter tandem of Miss Vida and Bea

Aside from the paintings, there is the soon-to-be-revived concept nights like Balak Nights and Painting Nights that allows everyone to impart their gifts and cultivate the appreciation to local arts and local talents.

Tambahayan 6
You are not allowed to miss a photo opt with this bookshelf.  Makes a good background for an OOTD post.

The menu offerings, according to Miss Vida, are personal choices that echo her advocacy on local food and healthy diet.  Among them is her recommended Chicken Halang-halang pasta, a mixture of her famed creamy chicken haling-halang and her parmesan-loaded pasta.  Other food options are her personal picks from local producers, exhibiting Tambahayan’s thrust in supporting local growers and manufacturers.

Tambahayan 8
A recommended dish, the sumptuous Halang-halang Pasta is an unexpected but totally delectable combination of their creamy signature Native Chicken Halang-halang and Parmesan-loaded pasta.  Best paired with their Cucumber-Lemonsito-Honey Drink.

Tambahayan 9
I love Caphe Sua Nong, a Vietnamese style coffee drink, that I've been dying to taste again.  Would be a perfect team with
Rose Butalid's yummy Coco Macaroons and Casava Cake.  

Tambahayan 10
Not my plate though but can't resist to take a photo of their other signature dish, the Kamunggay Pasta.
A wonderful treat for the pasta lovers and health conscious tambays alike.

On the other hand, the De Juan SMART is also in the same location.  It is on the second floor with a bigger space to cater to those who want to learn music, dance, and creative writing.

Tambahayan is the perfect place to spend some time with family while sharing their scrumptious Bisayang Manok, either fried or cooked as Chicken Halang-halang or hang out with your best buds while lounge in sofas or do some quality me time reading a book from their Instagram-worthy bookshelf while sipping their Cucumber-Lemonsito-Honey drink.  Whatever you have in mind, Tambahayan definitely is the place for you.


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