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Bohol is known to be a haven not just to its proud locals but to many foreign nationals who found a home in God’s little island paradise.  The welcoming Tagbilaran City, unsurprisingly, has always become the nestle of different complimenting and oftentimes fusing cultures, a cultural exchange that has been there since the epiphany of history and is more obvious in some aspects, particularly food.  From menu choices to restaurants, Tagbilaran offers a taste of foreign in its humble local soil.

Marina Bay Café comes as a new addition to the thriving Bohol food business industry. Located at Pook Pantalan, the exquisite café offers Boholanos a taste of Korea in a more accessible location.  Its navy-themed façade alone is inviting and its interior is a showcase of sophistication.  Despite its modern elegance, guests are still treated to an authentic Korean experience, with food orders served on low, lacquered tables while guests are seated on the floor.  Others may opt for the regular tables and chairs found on the second floor.

Marina Bay 2
Like these two beautiful ladies, enjoy an afternoon of non-stop chika with your best buds with a Korean dining experience,
which includes siting on the floor and having your food place on low tables. 

Marina Bay 3
But you do have an option to stay conventional. Tables and chair are available on the second floor. Enjoy your food while watching free Korean cable TV! 대박!!!

Marina Bay Café, though owned by the Korean nationals behind Wonderlagoon Resort and Charlotte Beach Resort in Panglao, offers a repertoire of scrumptious gastronomic treats.  The Korean menu offerings such as their Instant Korean Noodle with Egg (Php180), Gim Bap (Php180) and most recommended snow-soft Special Korean Halo-halo (Php300) are specialties that has drawn people in since they opened earlier this month.  But those who are not into Korean food may always fall back to more popular, conventional options — their generously loaded Club Sandwich (Php300), Aglio Olio Spaghetti (Php250), or their California Roll (Php200).

Marina Bay 4
Their Korean Noodle (Php180) has always been a superstar and has made people to come back for more.
Photo from Marina Bay Cafe's official Facebook page

Marina Bay 5
Their Spicy Pork Belly BBQ (Php250) is one sizzling dish you can't afford to miss at Marina Bay Cafe.
Photo from Marina Bay Cafe's official Facebook page

Marina Bay 6
Aside from Korean food, Marina Bay Cafe served also Japanese cuisines such as this Shrimp Tempura Roll.
Photo from their official Facebook page

The new entrant is moving full speed ahead, determined to make Boholano’s fall in love with the flavors of Korea, among others, caught in their selection of menu offerings.  No need to fly all the way to Seoul or drive to Panglao just to get a bite of The Land of the Morning Calm.  Pook Pantalan is the place to go and Marina Bay Café, the new entrant in an already flavorful cultural integration in Tagbilaran City.

For more information, do visit Marina Bay Cafe's official Facebook page감사합니다!


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