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Electro Circuit 2015 Poster

There is no denying that Electro Circuit was Sandugo's biggest party event.  Following the success of the first Electro last December 2014, it is no surprise that the EDM festival that electrified Crabhouse by the Bay last July 24 was able to draw in more people from all walks of life.

Electro Circuit was definitely a night to remember and Crabhouse by the Bay was the place where the cool kids went that night.  The contagious synergy of the night (and the spirits) got into everyone's system and stayed up all night long dancing to the beat of the disc jocks and having crazy fun.

And when there is a party, there will always be those who will impress us with their moves or impress us with their style.  While waiting for the party to kick in, I was chilling on the ticketing booth and here are the very few who really caught my eyes with their impeccable sense of style.

Alex Thacker from Manchester
Electro Stylish 1
The UK-based young lady definitely got style.  Style Score: 3 1/2 stars
Alex was among the first to arrive in the area, along with her brother Joshua.  This bubbly cutie matched her warm charming personality with her cute style.  A gray peplum top in a classic cut matched with textured shorts was a good pairing of classic and modern.  And the blue sneakers added the perfect pop of color.

Angie from Australia
Electro Stylish 2
This Australian beauty rocked her outfit.  Style Score: 5 stars
This lady got me as soon as she entered the gate.  Aside from her good looks and her towering height, I was ogling at her chic style.  It was laidback and sexy at the same time.  A white crop top with cutouts and a high waist pencil cut skirt in black and white vertical lines with slit really had me screaming "Fashion!" internally.  And those black booties complimented her style.  The necklace was the best accessory.  Angie really nailed it in the fashion department.

Uca Trotin of Titans Entertainment
Electro Stylish 3
Uca Trotin is definitely the party style icon.  Style Score: 5 stars
Setting a great example of partying in style is the only rose among the thorns in Titans Entertainment, Uca Trotin of U-Bar Panglao.  Her neon orange lace crop top over her black underwear looked great on her and her skin.  Her denim shorts added to the casual feel (and the not sleazy skin show),  The dark blue and neon green sneakers added a kicking contrast to her neon orange crop top.  If there is a style icon when it comes to party fashion, Uca Trotin is certainly one to consider.

Dorothy from Tagbilaran/ Ateneo
Electro Stylish 4
Dorothy embodies simple and comfy! Style Score: 3 1/2 stars
Enjoying the few days left before school kicks in in the land of the blue eagles,  A white crop top (this was certainly the night's party staple) with fringes and tattered high waist denim shorts kept her cool simple and comfy.  The black flat sandals completed the look.

Paola Teopiz from Tagbilaran
Electro Stylish 5
Paola knows that a monochrome and one bold color combination won't fail. Style Score: 3 stars
Black and pink is definitely a no-fail color combination and my stylish friend Paola knows how to rock it.  A black see through top and pink shorts did the works.  Monochromatic with a touch of the boldness of pink, plus a chunky pink necklace sealed the look.

Moralla Girl from Tagbilaran
Electro Stylish 6
Moralla Girl sure knows how to make things look classy yet sexy. Style Score: 4 stars
Sexy without being hoochie is Moralla Girl's style (we had our OJT in college and we call her that because her surname is Moralla). A dark blue cutout top giving a glimpse of her assets, white high waist shorts, bejewelled slippers, and a big shoulder bag --- Moralla Girl knows how to flaunt what she have and look good in it.

Cleofe from Tagbilaran
Electro Stylish 7
Casual and hippie all in one take.  Style Score: 3 stars
She came in like a modern hippie that came from Coachella and went straight to Electro Circuit.  Her pink graphic tee is bright and colorful.  Her plain denim shorts toned the loudness of her shirt thus creating a great combination of mixing plains and prints.  Her bejewelled orange slippers (with those coquette accents) and the pink head band completed the look.

Christian from Tagbilaran
Electro Stylish 8
Kudos to this guy for being the sole thorn to make it on my list. Style Score: 3 stars
Now this is a big shout out to the only dude who made it on my list.  But it won't come a surprise since Christian is a fashion aficionado and an aspiring fashion designer.  Christian knows how to look good with his gray/ white printed button down and his brown cotton pants. It's a smart casual that every guy should know how to master.

I'm no style icon or fashion genius but hope you like my picks. Till the next Electro Circuit! :)


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