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Kpop Hallyu Gathering Poster

The Bohol Diocesan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BDMPC) Buiding was engulfed with high Hallyu spirits last June 6 with the eventful hosting of the fifth fan gathering for all Boholano Kpop fans with Bohol Hallyu Gathering 2015!

The afternoon affair was nothing short of fun and was filled with loads of entertainment, prizes, and surprises.
Agassi Dae, champion of ICM Kpop Dance Revolution 2015, opened the show with their winning performance (see story here).  Lynde Antigua also rendered a smashing cover of 2NE1's charming leader CL's (real name: Lee Chae Rin) single MTBD (멘붕).  Guess Armel Kang also performed a surprise cover of Now by Troublemaker together with his Hyuna that afternoon, Rapah of Agassi Dae. Aside from that, he also taught the audience how to dance GDxYB's club hit Good Boy!

Hallyu Gathering 01
Winners of the Name That Song game Part 1 holding their Kpop poster prizes.  Photo by Marle Jimenez
Hallyu Gathering 02
A team discusses their strategy for the Candy Transfer Mini-Game. Photo by Lyndon Sumabong.

When I said that it will be nothing short of prizes, I did mean it.  Games were played all throughout the five-hour event like a two-part Name That Song contest where the audience will have to first guess the title of the played song while in round two, all winners of the first one will have to race to get five points by guessing the title of the instrumental played.  A Guess That Dance game was also played where the audience will have to guess the mystery song through its choreography.  Then there is the Random Dance Contest and the Candy Transfer Mini-Game which tested the player's team work and chopstick handling skills.

Hallyu 4
The participants are concentrated on the transporting their candies. Go girls! Photo by Marle Jimenez

But the big prize was up only for the first ten ticket buyers where two had a chance to win BTS’s (Bangtan Boys/  방탄소년단) Dark and Wild or a Skool Luv Affair album, courtesy of Magnaxy Kpop Shoppe.  Luckily for all attendees, though, they will also be getting 5% discount from the sponsoring online Kpop merchandise store.

The Kpop Dance Cover contest, which served as the main highlight of the event, saw three acts --- one group and two solos --- battling it out for the grand prize.  In the end, it was 14-year-old Eureka who emerged victor with a banging cover of EXO’s Mama as her winning piece.

Hallyu 6
Agassi Dae girls Jean, Pearl, Monique, Honey, and Rapah, as well as 6Boys' Charley Lopez
flock cover dance winner, Eureka. Photo by Marle Jimenez

Special awards were also handed out to the participants, like a Kpop Body of the Year award and the best Kpop Outfit award, which *coughs* went to your blogger here, who also served as the host of the event. I didn't expect that one.

Hallyu 7
Lovely girls in one photo: Jean, Rochelle, Honey, and Pearl with this year's Kpop Eye Candy Awardee, Brigette.
They are all eye candies for me.  Photo by Marle Jimenez/

The Bohol Hallyu Gathering 2015, with the theme Back to School, was organized by the administrators of the Bohol Hallyu Community.  Aside from Agassi Dae, 6Boys’ Armel Kang, 6Boys' member Charley Lopez, and Boholano Kpopper ulzzang Kemuel Saki Barrientos also graced the event.

Hallyu Gathering 03
A group pic to seal the day! Photo by Honey Abueva.

Hallyu 5
Your blogger with Rochelle and Mykelle by the Freedom Wall. Photo by Marle Jimenez.

I really had fun and see you all next year fellow Boholano Kpoppers! And next time, I promise to bring my camera! 감사합니다!!!


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