Miss Bohol 2015: The Final Picks (Part 2)

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Miss Bohol 2015 Pageant Night

After revealing my lower half of my Top 10 picks this year (read it here), I'm now down to my personal bets who will make it on the winner's circle.

But before we go to business, allow me first to share to you the three girls, who may not made it to my Top 10 (this batch gave me a very hard time), are still part of my "Girls To Watch Out For" list.  I wouldn't be surprised if they make it to the Top 10 tonight.  They are: Miss Corella, Jissa Baugbog; Miss Dauis, Shiela Estareja; and, Miss Bilar, Mary Jane Malaran.

Top 11-13

Now, allow me to introduce my Top 5, according to their assigned numbers.  They are: Miss Panglao, Charmaine Ness Sagaral; Miss Jagna, Ma. Rhea Rebecca Rocha; Miss Tagbilaran, Mary Eda Cimafranca; Miss Balilihan, Pauline Quiñal; and, Miss Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, Marjorie Therese Monte.

Top 5

From the onset, these five women have been clear standouts for me, and day by day, it has been very difficult to assign their respective places in my Top 5.  But after thinking it through, allow me to announce their placements in reverse order.

Miss Jagna 2015
Jagna in her official swimsuit photo, official glamshot, and during the talent night

Fourth runner up for me is Miss Jagna, Ma. Rhea Rebecca Rocha.  I consider her the dark horse in the early days of the competition. She was not hyped, but someone to look forward to.  As the days drew nearer to today, Jagna clearly manifested how she is a force to be reckoned. Hailing from the town with the most number of Miss Bohol crowns, Rhea is rearing to add her name on the long list of titleholders from Jagna

Miss Balilihan 2015
Miss Balilihan in her official swimsuit photo, official glam shot, and during the talent night

Third runner up is Pauline Quiñal, Miss Balilihan.  From the time she won her municipal bout, Pau captured the eyes of many Miss Bohol pageant followers.  With a special award already under her belt, the sweet Pauline will definitely press on and bring home the crown to her beloved hometown.

Miss President Carlos P. Garcia 2015
Miss Pres. Carlos P. Garcia in her official swimsuit photo, official glam shot, and during the talent night

Miss President Carlos P. Garcia, Marjorie Therese Monte is my second runner up.  I was told that she is still the second or third delegate to represent the young town (formerly known as Pitogo).  And this lovely young lady is undeniably a femme fatale.  Oozing with sexiness (she has definitely the best body among the candidates), confidence, and commanding presence, Miss Pres. CPG poses a great threat when its already showtime.  Plus, being an island girl gives her a vantage of seeing and experiencing the life that many Boholanos who rely on agriculture experiences.

Miss Panglao 2015
Miss Panglao in her official swimsuit photo, official glam shot, and during the talent night

I was at a moment caught in a major dilemma with the remaining two delegates.  But at the end, I'm giving the island of Panglao a bridesmaid placement (Mary Rose Butalid, Miss Panglao 2014, placed second last year) with the Miss Panglao sash bearer, Charmaine Ness Sagaral.  Cham showed major changes from the time she was hailed the Beauty of the Island.  She is a good canvass and can switch from sophisticated (see her Press Presentation look) to classic (there's her official glam shot) to fierce (refer to her official swimsuit photo).  But more than that, Cham is articulate, witty, and an opinionated young woman --- qualities of a good spokesperson for Bohol.

Miss Tagbilaran 2015
Miss Tagbilaran in her official swimsuit photo, official glam shot, and during the talent night

One thing to describe my top pick for Miss Bohol 2015, Mary Eda Cimafrance, Miss Tagbilaran is unstoppable.  An early favorite, Eda might be able to bring home the crown to the City of Friendship which has been elusive for any of its delegate for many years now.  She has a very queenly aura and a fierceness that is very palpable, two qualities almost every beauty queen possess.  She is also a young lady who can speak her mind and an approachable woman which will make her a good spokesperson.  Tagbilaran is definitely the delegate to beat.

Any of these women will definitely make a good Miss Bohol.  For me, these five young women possess the criteria that the organization behind Miss Bohol is looking for.

How about you dear readers? Who are your top picks?

Swimsuit photos and official glam shots from the Miss Bohol 2015 official Facebook page.


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