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Papa 1

Aside from DEEJAY WRITES' first year anniversary, today happens to be a special day for all fathers in the world as we all celebrate Fathers Day.  Allow me to jump into the Father's Day bandwagon and introduce to you my Papa,

My Papa has always been my constant source of inspiration.  He was the embodiment of hardwork and sacrifice.  He started working since he was a teenage boy, and now at 54, he is still working to provide for us, enduring the difference in time zones just so we have something to eat on the table and much more.

Papa is a seafarer, particularly a Boson, the least ranking official who commands the labor force in the ship.  Before he became a Boson, he was just an ordinary laborer, doing whatever that needs to be done, including removing rust from certain parts of the ship.  It's not a glamorous jobs compared to those who will have Ship Captain, Engineer, or Businesman as job titles but I have always been proud of my Papa, for what he does, and what he is.  If it wasn't for him, I would have not enjoyed what I was able to enjoy for the past 21 years.

Papa 2
The usual family bondings would be going out to eat in fast food restaurants.
This was actually among the first photos I've taken using my stolen myPhone A898 duo phone.

I got from Papa his way of thinking.  He was not strict but has always been critical.  He has his opinion regarding certain issues and the wisdom from all his experiences are always valuable and I think that is what I inherited from him.

It was Papa who honed my English skills.  Growing up, I looked up to Papa because he was so good in English and he actually draws.  Perhaps he saw potential in me and has been supportive of my endeavors so long as I know my limitations and restrictions.  He was always proud of my achievements and has always been there for whenever I stumble on road blocks.

It was from Papa's examples that I learned to value perseverance and hardwork.  It was from Papa's examples that engraved this valuable lesson in me.  Now that I am working, I still am conscious of price tags because we were never keeping up with the Jones. I enjoyed a simple life and I loved how it helped me give more premium not on material things.

Papa 4
Last May 9 (Mother's Day) was the first time we went out together, like the four of us with me paying the bill.
A day before that was Papa's birthday so for a double celebration, we dined at Gerarda's.

But what makes me very proud of Papa is his selflessness.  He was always that generous fellow who was always ready to help.  Aside from that, he set the perfect example of what a father and a man should be.  He was not just a father to me but also to my cousins.  He was there to guide us, understand us, and listen to us.  He was there to appreciate our efforts and correct our mistakes.

I would forever be grateful at the time when he went back to Bohol from Manila just to be in my elementary graduation.  His presence made my medals shine brighter than the sun.  I will never forget the night you called right after I was told that I won't be graduating.  I cried but you were there to show your love to me.

Papa 4
A picture of me and Papa after my graduation rites

As a grown up, it has become unavoidable to never have arguments once in a while whenever he is at home but that didn't make me less that his child, and he as a father to me.  And despite the distance, he has never failed to give me and show me his immeasurable love and overflowing support.  God gave me an imperfect man who was the perfect father for me.

To my Papa Dionisio Arro, I have always told you this and I will say it for all the world to read: I love you! You have always inspired me to keep going and you mean the world to me.  I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and for all that you've been to me.  You are the father anyone would ever want to have.  You are the superhero mightier than Superman and the king of my heart.

And to all the Fathers, you will be your sons' first heroes and your daughters' first love.  A big salute to all of you! Happy Fathers' Day


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