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DEEJAYWRITES One Year Anniversary

Weeks ago, it dawned upon me that this blog is already turning one. How fast time went and looking back, the journey was just amazing.

I could still vividly recall how it was starting all over again in the blogosphere.  It was nearly three months after college graduation and I was unemployed.  I was wondering where life would want me to go.  I was at a dilemma.  I was on the verge of self-doubt so I started a blog and penned the first post because that is what I know is true: I write. (Read story here)

Deejay Writes 1st teaser
The first teaser for DEEJAY WRITES' first blog entry.

Fast forward a year after that one and here I am happilly employed, thanks to my writing skills!  The opportunities that come with my jobs has further the topics I can write for my blog, like hitting to birds with one stone. I've meet so many wonderful people along the way and encountered individuals who I would have not have a chance to share lunch tables or chitchats. My blog is, slowly, gaining a consistent readership.  Within a year, I was able to steadily make it within Topblog's Top 200 Lifestyle blogs.

For the years that I have been blogging, the one year mark was always a crossroad, aside from Januaries. Sometimes it would be too difficult to continue the blog or it just feels that its time to give the blog a rest.  But for this time, with DEEJAY WRITES, I am very much rearing to see how it will grow and where it may go.  I am just more eager to write and share stories of my personal life as well as the usual lifestyle and travel features.

I would not be able to celebrate this milestone without you, dearest readers.  This may sound kinda sappy but this blog will not be the blog that it has become within the past year if it was not for your support, which means you reading this blog and liking it's official page.  While my regular writer's block, my tight schedule, and sometimes, my procrastinations have not allowed me to post stories for days...and even weeks, here you are, still paying this blog a visit every now and then.

I look forward to sharing more stories and making more memories with my blog! I'm crossing the one year mark with positivity, the first time ever since I started blogging, and from here on now, the future couldn't be even more exciting!

Thank you so much and cheers for a year of blogging!


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