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The mainstream music industry could sometimes make my ears bleed.  Although I love listening to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry or ogling to Adam Levine's divine hotness or singing along (or should I say rapping along) to Nicki Minaj while wondering of the circumference of her bum, sometimes, the popular could be so sickening.  I cannot even resort to the Kpop music scene although it could be a cuter alternative; it's just shared by many.  Sometimes, I would just want to take a break from all things everybody knows about.

Great thing, years ago, one video took me to the better side of Youtube (thanks to Veda Bongalos for this one).  Although at first, I didn't really got hooked, the search for interesting acts made me so in love with the indie music scene.  And yes, I'm pledging my loyalty to it.  Not only are the indie artists music industry's precious secret, the entire indie music scene is no-crap at all.  Each song has depth and a story unlike mainstream which has songs about seeing peacocks and tralalas and ding ding dongs.  Plus, each band has their own sound.  No one will sound like the other.

I might have said that indie bands are music's secrets but I think these bands deserve some attention, too (although they are making great waves already).  So let's colorfully rock as I share four of the indie bands I listen to.  And yes, at times, their songs are on the loop.

The Honey Trees

The Honey Trees for their second EP, Bright Fire
Photo from their official Facebook page

The first band to actually get me hooked to indie, The Honey Trees is a dream pop band from Sacramento, California.  The band, a two-man act, is composed of Becky Filip and Jacob Wick (and you hear me scream! AHHHH!!!!)  The dreamy approach of the band on their songs is what draws me to them, something which I rarely hear in the mainstream industry.  In fact, it is through The Honey Trees that I found out that there exist dream pop.  The band's photographs and music video, which is taken by Simon Filip, Becky's brother, are astonishing and cute. Just check the music video of the song To Be With You.  And oh, there is Becky's über-cute dresses and impeccable style.  And yes, Jacob Wick!

Recommended songs:  their original titled Love and Loss and their cover of the Moon River.  Both songs are to die for! Like seriously.

The Perishers

If you are a fan of the OC, then you might have heard their songs playing on some of the show's episodes.  But in case you are not a fan of the OC, or you haven't even seen the OC (like me), it's never too late to fall for this Swedish indie rock band.  The Perishers is a band composed of Ola Klüft (vocals, guitar), Martin Gustafson (keyboards, backing vocals), Pehr  Aström (bass) and Thomas Hedlund (drums).  What I love about this band is that their songs explore the depths of a man honestly and faithfully in love.  Their songs are pieces that every girl would love to hear and every boy would like to sing to their girl.  Unfortunately, the band has disbanded in 2010 when Klüft left the group. Nevertheless, the band’s music lives on!

Try listening to Sway, a song that about how a boy wants to be just friends with a girl he loves and who picks him up whenever he crumbles just because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore. Meanwhile, 8 AM Departure talks about the feeling of never leaving someone but you have to whereas Nothing Like You and I, my personal favorite, is a narrative of a couple whose relationship is about to end.

The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites. Photo from their official Facebook page.

The Paper Kites' specialized genre is folk.  If you think that folk is so-not-awesome, then you better check out their songs.  This band from Melbourne, Australia and is comprised of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen, and Josh Bentley, offers folk music that is so awesome you'll never think it is folk.  Like seriously!  If you would really want a chill out background on lazy days, The Paper Kites is the best option.  Their songs are very much relaxing and very much enjoyable.  Their music videos are very cool too.

Arms, one of my favorite indie songs, will certainly make your heart jump with its melodramatic music and heartwarming lyrics.  The first time I heard the song, well, I just died.  Also try Featherstone and The Mortal Boy King.  Their songs will undeniably make you feel relaxed, certainly a great respite from ear-splitting pop music.

Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine. Photo from

No need for great introductions.  Florence and the Machine is the most familiar in this list and have made awesome music since they started in 2007.  The blend of indie rock, indie pop, baroque pop, art rock and neo soul in their every single plus Flo’s distinct vocals just give you chills! Coupled with their artistic music videos and you’ll be screaming awesome!

If you haven’t tried listening to any of Florence and the Machine’s songs, start with their smash hit Dogs Days Are Over, You’ve Got The Love or Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) from their BRIT-Award winning EP, Lungs or Shake It Out and Never Let Me Go from their EP Ceremonials.

These four bands are the very bands that made me join the "I Love Indie" bandwagon.  But if we don't share the same taste on music, you could simply look for a band that will suit your taste.  That is certainly the beauty of indie --- it has everything for everyone.  Whether you are a romantic, a goth, or a hippie, you wouldn't resist the greatness of these unknown industry.


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