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On our way to the concert venue.
(L-R) 1st row: Yours truly looking really haggard, Jacob Benedicto's RM Jaime, Jacob Benedicto
2nd row: Daddy Rommel (hindi masyadong kita), Marlo Mortel, Miss Badette
3rd row: Arnel Pineda's wife Tita Cherry, and Kuya Arnel Pineda (waving his hand)

I was talking to one solid MarNella fan on Twitter last night (Hello @Natcor123) and she was asking me questions about Marlo: Is he nice? Did we really talk?  It reminds me back to those days when I was as curious as any distant fan would ever be.

So I was sharing this story about how Marlo is not a fussy kind of person.  But I've noticed that the middle part of my three-part tweet was lost.  I promised to write about it on my page but decided to share it here in my blog. :))

That was December 13.  Marlo is part of the Rebuilding Bohol concert with Kirby Asunto, Jacob Benedicto, and Arnel Pineda.  He was scheduled to arrive at around ten in the morning but was unluckily cut off.  The next flight to Tagbilaran City will arrive at four in the arrive.  Marlo and his Daddy Rommel has no choice but to stay at NAIA and wait for their flight.

So he arrived.  I was part of the Hospitality Team of the concert and part of the job is to be with them, entertain the celebrities, and attend to their needs from the time they arrive until they depart the next day.  

Upon arriving at their accommodation, Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Panglao Island, and after taking their dinner, Marlo decided to have a walk on the beach.  The problem? He did not bring any slippers.  So while he was in his room to change from pants to shorts, I was asking the front desk if they have slippers that we can borrow.  They said they don't have and we have to buy it from the shop.  Unfortunately, the shop was already closed.

My next option was to go outside the hotel and go to the nearest store selling slippers, which would actually take time.  I was really ready to go out.  I swear.  So I knocked on his door to tell him that there are no slippers are that I will be getting him one.  He told me not to bother as he will walk barefoot.

I told him no, I will buy him slippers but he insisted.  I asked him if he was really sure of going barefoot and he said yes, and stepped out barefoot.  He told me that its the beach so there is no problem going barefoot.  His room was not fronting the beach and he would have to go down a few meters to reach the sand.

Thinking about it, other celebrities might have asked me to find him/her a pair of flip flops in the middle of nowhere.  But Marlo gamely walked the shore with his barefoot.  He was even approachable enough and nice enough to say yes to those people who asked if they could take a picture with him. despite those few minutes being his quality me time.

Marlo's mallows definitely found a celebrity worth idolizing in Marlo Mortel. :))

I barely have pictures with Marlo but at least, we had one. :))


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