Electro Circuit: Before They Were DJs

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Three celebrity disc jocks in one electrifying EDM-House rave party — this alone sets Electro Circuit apart from all other dance parties in the island, making it the most sought-after this year.  Its successful staging last December 5 hyped the excitement for all other events slated for the holidays.

Tom Taus, Jennifer Lee, and Ashley Rivera top billed Electro Circuit which bolstered the interest of the Boholanos to the rave party.  But before these three became in demand disc jocks, they first had took career paths before their individual roads took them to the same highway.

The Hot Babe

The DJ in action. Taken from Jen Lee's Facebook account.

She ranks among the most beautiful hotbabe to ever walk the land.  Her delicate chinita features, to-die-for body, and that captivating charm earned her a strong clout of followers.  Her name is Jennifer Lee.

Jen had a strong foothold in that niche she rooted herself in show business.  She was a part of the very successful Viva Hot Babes, a group of sexy talented women who dance, act, and sing, filling the fantasies of the sexually-preoccupied proletarian men who are willing to give away their last few cents for a glimpse of these screen sirens.  Not only was Jennifer Lee part of this group, she was among the most recognized and the most successful.

In 2008, Jennifer Lee quit showbiz without much fanfare.  Her career was not over, though; it was not even nearly over.  She still gets to be invited for some shows and guesting which prove her unwavering name-recall.  But showbiz was no longer her priority.  She went back to school, enrolling Culinary Arts in Enderun College, one of the country’s best culinary schools.  In December of 2013, she and a few of her classmates in Enderun, opened Moonshine Restobar.

Disc jockeying has been Jen’s hobby for two years now but it is only recently when she started doing it full time.  In fact, music has been Electro Circuit is a dream come true for her — the first rave party where she will be DJ-ing. 

From a former hot babe to a restobar owner and full-time disc jockey, Jen have come a long way in branching out her medium of artistic expression and her burning passion for music.   She is still attracts attention, not because she wears her skimpy outfit, but because she makes great music. 

The Youtube Star

From Ashley Rivera's Facebook page.

“Well hello there my labs, this is Petra Mahalimuyak.”

This is how most of her video starts, as well as her popularity in the world wide web.  She goes by the name of Petra Mahalimuyak, the cute and sexy lass who speak talks in English in a very peculiar but inexplicably funny accent.  Her videos range from tutorials to parody videos, each upload amassing raving responses and massive hits.  One of her videos, a parody of the blockbuster smash hit No Other Woman earned her a VIVA contract.

When she is not in character, she is Ashley Rivera.  She is very much like Petra, less the accent; she can actually speak English properly and with the proper accent, contrary to earlier misconceptions when her popularity was taking off.  Like Petra, Ashley is crazy, energetic, and fun-spirited.  This is evident not just in her Youtube videos but also behind the scenes.

Ashley is confident in herself and accepting of her flaws.  She is not conceited or delusional; she is but herself.   She acknowledges that singing was not meant for her that she even declined VIVA’s recording offer to her, saying “hindi naman ako si Anne Curtis.” Her confidence in her own skin landed her on the cover of FHM’s April 2014 issue, further catapulting her media presence with the abrupt increase of followers, which she says “20 percent naman dun, mga manyakis na walang pakialam sa akin. All they care about is my body, yung boobs ko.  Pero okay lang, at least followers pa rin.”

It is only recently that she immersed herself in disc jockeying.  “I was just surfing the net one night then I saw this video of a girl. Her name is DJ Juicy M. Tapos meron siyang apat na decks. And I thought na it was really really good. Ang galing-galing niya tapos ang sexy niya, ang ganda niya, ang laking boobs niya.  So parang ako, ‘Looks family ah! ParangI can see myself doing that. Why not, diba?’Kasi sabi ko, ‘I always party but I don’t make money.Why not party and make money at the same time diba?’”

She researched and later enrolled in Beat Project Manila, a school for aspiring disk jocks and just a few months after, she was invited to spin in Laboracay.  It was her first.  To compensate for her inexperience, “Nagsuot ako ng sobrang skimpy na bathing suit, para kung magkamali ako, dito nalang ang focus (points at her breasts).”

Ashley has come a long way from being the sensational Youtube star to an up-and-coming showbiz personality, a concrete example that girls who are confident and knows who have fun gets their fair share of their much deserved limelight.

The Child Star

From Tom Taus' official Facebook page.

At a young age, Tom Taus knows how to be in the spotlight.  Aside from being one of country’s most bankable child stars during the 1990s, Tom is also the younger brother of Antoinette Taus, who during those days was among the most in demand actresses.   And for those who can remember, Tom was Cedie Erol when a Philippine movie adaptation of the Japanese anime Little Lord Fauntleroy.

His career in show business though was cut short when his sister decided to move back to the USA to try her fortunes in Hollywood.  Tom followed two months after Antoinette’s departure, for what would have been after being in the limelight since he was six, being casted in projects after projects.  He ultimately decided to settle in his father’s home country.

Tom shares: “When I moved there nobody knew who I was. nobody knew me as the actor. I was just like everybody else.  It taught me a lot.  It was a really good experience.  I would do it all over again.”

However, it is in the Philippines where Tom’s interest in disc jockeying was enkindled when he came for a vacation in 2006. 

“In the US, you are not allowed to go to the clubs until you’re 21.  So I wasn’t really exposed to the nightlife industry,” recounts Tom.  “So, when I’m on vacation here, I was 18 or 19, and over here they don’t really have those restrictions, I started going  out and I saw what a DJ was.  it was pretty cool, I wanna try that out. I asked my DJ friends what a DJ does so my friends who are DJs here gave me a crash course into it.  As soon as I got back to LA, I bought my full setup and I started practicing eight hours a day every day because I loved it, I really loved it. I enjoy it so much until I got my first gig in Planet Hollywood.”

The LA partyphiles started noticing the promising DJ Tom and soon enough, he was in every party clubs spinning night after night.  The connections he made while DJ-ing recommended him to spin for this place until he became one of Hollywood’s most demanded disc jocks.  News reached the Philippines and the name recall simply followed instantly.

He says he is still midway from the transition from being the child actor to a disc jock.  He knows he won’t be able to escape his child actor days, which he is forever grateful for, but wants to be taken more now as the disc jock.  And for sure, he will be and will continue to make more raves.


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