MAMA 2014: Let Your Votes Be Counted

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It's the voting season for Mnet Asia Music Awards or MAMA and Kpop fans like me are all out in voting for our idols.

In case you haven't heard of MAMA, it is one of South Korea's major music awards and is produced by CJ E&M through their music show MNet. Since 2010, MAMA has been held outside SoKor and has been attended by high profile celebrities in Korean music industry such as 2NE1, SNSD, Big Bang, u Hyori, BoA, and Psy, among others.

The MAMA 2014 teaser image released by Mnet

Missing Artist, Missing Awards
That was a pun made by a friend on what MAMA stands for. And it could hold some truth in it, especially that this year, 2NE1, who announced non-attendance, was snobbed with awards.

Blackjacks like me were disappointed that despite coming back with a very successful album, 2NE1 were only nominated in two categories: Best Female Group and the Artist of the Year Award, which is among the daesangs in MAMA.

Their single Come Back Home was not even nominated for Song of the Year despite its commercial success. Personally, there are a lot of nominees in the category that do not really "deserve" the nomination. There are just a lot of nominees and I don't know if those are filtered really well.

Also, Come Back Home was not nominated for the Best Music Video category despite raving reviews on the beauty and quality of the music video. Accordingly, the music video costs so much due to the special effects. The finish product was definitely beyong amazing. However, it was not considered for the award which makes me really sad.

Psy's collab with SnoopDog was also shunned out of the roster of nominees for Best Collaboration.

I wonder how the nominees were selected.

My Vote

Here are screen grabs of who I voted for this year's MAMA.

I'm a YGstan so it was a difficult decision to vote between Akdong Musicians and WINNER. But in the end, I chose AkMu for rookie of the year, after coming up with a very well-loved debut album (Play) and an acclaimed comeback with Time and Falling Leaves.

The rest are a already given. Although I like HyunA and Hyorin who are nominated for Best Female Performer, I think Ailee got it in the bag this year. I opted for B2ast coz I also feel that they had a powerful comeback compared to Super Junior.

Although Seo Taiji is already an ahjussi and may not be really well-loved by the younger generation of Kpop fans, his recent comeback song is just so good. I hope the fans give it a listen.

Overall, I'm fully supporting my beloved YG acts this year, not just because they are from YGE but because they are deserving of the merit. Too deserving in fact as all debuting and returning artists from the agency really stepped into the spotlight with a bang, their sheer talents shining through.

You? Have you casted your vote:

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