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DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH.  The fourteen fresh faces of this year's edition of Miss Silka Bohol

RAW — the most fitting word to the fourteen lovely Boholanas who are pitted against each other in a competition that is more than just silky smooth skin.  Truth be told, it was the directive: get the freshest, newest girls.

Miss Silka Bohol is among the 30 qualifying competitions at the provincial and regional levels wherein that one sole winner who best embody the Silka woman gets the chance to compete in the national finals to be the Silka brand ambassador. The most outstanding Silka woman gets the chance to star in her own TVC and have her face printed on national print ad campaigns, being their product endorser and image model. But unlike any modeling competitions or beauty pageants, Miss Silka is more than just what is physical as Miss Silka also aims to inspire its constituents to help promote and support their social advocacies, charity causes or self- sustaining SME’s in the community through a P100,000 cash donation for the national winner’s chosen charity or advocacy in her community.

This year’s edition of Miss Silka Bohol is just as exciting as its predecessors.  We see mostly inexperienced but undeniably lovely girls, having their first taste of major pageantry and are being developed into refined women who can strut their stuff in high heels and deliver under pressing circumstances.  The stakes are higher this time around, though.  After Karen Montreaux’s third runner up finish in 2012 and reigning Miss Silka Bohol, Quir Nicole Maghuyop’s top ten finish last year, the lone victor come September 26 is in for a mission: to bring Bohol’s first Miss Silka crown.

The pressure is definitely on!

Last August 23, thirteen of the fourteen Miss Silka Bohol 2014 contenders met a Press Presentation and Fashion Show at the BQ Mall Atrium, the first of three rounds of pre-pageant activities.

Wearing glamorous attires made of buri, the ladies showed their refined catwalk skills as they were greeted by their adoring public.  A behind-the-scene video presentation of their Outdoor Video Shoot at the Bellevue Resort and each of the candidates’ Silka commercial was shown to the public.

PRETTY IN PINK. Pearl (no. 1) looking sweet
and fresh in her white and pink prom dress. She does
have some similarities with Miss World 2013, Megan Young.

BURI FASHION.  A asymmetrical dress with huge shoulder detail
worn by Eda Cimafranca (No. 12)

As the major highlight of the activity, the Miss Silka Bohol contestants went under the prying eyes of local press people.  Loaded with tough questions, the press fired a question to each candidate to which the contestant must respond without a specified time limit.  Pressing as it could ever be, some candidates were hits while others, misses.

TOUGH CHICKS. Two of the most beautiful faces in this year's pageant
are Marian (No. 10) and Myca (No. 4).  They may be pageant girls but the boys
have to watch out.  Marian is aiming to be a police while Myca is pursuing
Customs Administration. Tough ladies indeed.

Among the standouts were Pearl Bungabong of Alburquerque (No. 1) who gave an remarkable answer when asked about her thoughts on wearing buri, Myca Jean Ranque of Tamblot (No. 7) who was lauded by the people and the media for her impressive performance in her commercial, and Eda Cimafranca (No. 12) who gave a meaty but well-delivered response to her question.  Cyrel Balantocas of Carmen (No. 14) also garnered instant recognition, standing out for her honesty when she asked if she can answer in English after trying to heed to the request of responding to a question in Filipino.

At the end of the activity, only one lady earned the approval of the press who convened to vote for their own darling.

Your blogger with the Raul Gatal (far left), pageant host and Boholano pageant
blogger with Quir Nicole Maghuyop (center), the reigning Miss Silka Bohol
and her court of runners up.

Meanwhile, the ladies faced the crowd once again last August 31 as they proved that they are more than just beauties with silky smooth skin during the Talent Competition held at the Island City Mall Activity Area.

Pearl Bungabong (No. 1) opened the Talent Competition with a song and dance number of Katy Perry’s Part of Me.  Pau Quinal (No. 2) and Eda Cimafranca (No. 12) showcased their vocal chops and guitar skills during their individual presentations.  Andrea Laniba (No. 7), Mertsh Pedroso (No. 11), and Cyrel Balantocas (No. 14) proved their vocal prowess with their renditions of Only Hope, Let It Go, and How Do I Live, respectively.

REACHING HIGH. Making up for her absence during the
Press Presentation, Mertsh (No. 11) proved that she is still
in it to win it as she belted Let It Go during the Talent Competition,
clinching for herself a place in the Top 5 in the said round. 

A number of contestants also proved that they can move to the groove during their talent presentations.  Myca Ranque (No. 4) danced along to a Korean pop song while Diane Gatal (No. 6) showcased her dancing skills along with two male dancers.   Marian Malubay (No. 10) also grooved to the tune of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines together with her choreographer.

Reah Aceron (No. 8) performed on staged with her boyfriend in a romantic hip-hop interpretative dance while Mae Ann Dairo (No. 9) shook her booty and body in a belly dancing act. Rhea Mae Antigua (No. 3) and Kate Javellana (No. 13), on the other hand, wowed the crowd with their declamation pieces.

DANCE OF LOVE. Reah (no. 8) showcased her dancing skills as she danced
a melodramatic hip-hop interpretative number along with her beau. Now that's
a boyfriend every girl should envy!

With the judging criteria meriting the performance alone, Reah Aceron, Marian Malubay, Mertsh Pedroso, Eda Cimafranca, and Kate Javellana were announced as the top performers.

The recipient of the Darling of the Press and Miss Talent awards will be revealed on the coronation night at the Island City Mall Activity Center where only one Silka woman would stand tall as this year’s finest cut.

Published in LifestyleBohol of The Bohol Chronicle, Sept. 7, 2014 issue.
All photos from Miss Silka Bohol 2014 Facebook page and Ghen Lumayag Photography. 
Click here for photos and more. Visit also Ms. Ghen's website here.


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