Miss Silka Bohol 2014: The Road to the Crown

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Behind the glitz and glamour of pageantry, the fourteen lovely candidates of Miss Silka Bohol are just but girls who are trying to live a double life, balancing their time being pageant contestants and ordinary individuals.

I had the experience to see the Miss Silka Bohol 2014 practices and get to talk to them backstage.  It was during those moments, away from the limelight and prying eyes of judges and the audience, that I get to see how these girls embody the woman that they are, and snap back to their normal lives which is fun and probably less stressful a couple of months ago.

When the girls are make up free, I see the difference.  While a touch of foundation and a swipe of a lipstick may do the trick backstage, nothing is more beautiful than seeing the girls raw and fresh. Listening to their stories and seeing them just be who they are.

In between practices, sponsor activities, pre-pageant competitions, and charity programs --- all of which the girls have to attend --- the Miss Silka Bohol 2014 girls have to attend their prior commitments.

ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM. Paulo Rigotti with the
Miss Silka Bohol contenders.

Thirteen out of the fourteen are students.  And they do not happen to be just students.  All of them have something to be proud of aside from being a Miss Silka Bohol contender.  Rhea Mae (No. 3) is currently sitting as a senator of the Bohol Island State University - Main Campus' student government.  Vern (No. 5) was part of the committee which handled the Mr. and Ms. UB 2014. Marian (No. 10) is a working scholar at Holy Name University, meaning a lot more things to balance: studies, duty hours, and the Miss Silka Bohol commitments.  Myca (No. 4), should it be unbeknownst to many, is the reigning Miss PMI (she will be crowning her successor really soon).  During the pageant, she was also Mutya ng Poblacion III and had to miss one practice to attend the crowning moment.

RAIDING SHOPVILLE.  A behind-the-scene take during the
ladies' visit to Shopville located at Galleria Luisa.

The two youngest contenders this year, Eda (No. 12) and Kate (No. 13) are tied with the strict, full-day schedule of high school and are excelling in their own fields.  Eda is a debate team member, hence the fluency and composure every time she speaks.  Meanwhile Kate is a consistent honor student and is eyeing the top spot come graduation time.

While it is easier for the other candidates to attend their Miss Silka-related activities, most notably the practices, two of the girls have to go the extra mile. Andrea (No. 7) and Reah (No 8) are studying at Bohol Institute of Technology - Jagna Campus in their hometown.  As such, the girls have to travel for an hour and stay in the city over the weekend to attend the practices.  They simply have to catch up to whatever is missed.  And they catch up really well.

HEAVENLY BUZZ. Seems like Myca was absolutely delighted
with the goodies up for free tasting at The Buzz Cafe, Galleria Luisa..

For the students, an absence in class means missing a discussion or a quiz, which they can simply make up.  However, for Pearl (No. 1), missing a day of work, or even half of a day's work, would mean a salary deduction.

The fourteen girls of Miss Silka Bohol 2014 have certain sacrifices to make and endure, yet the girls have opened to these with big smiles.  After all, Miss Silka Bohol has not only given the ladies an avenue to show their talents, but also a chance to tap their inner woman and find a renewed confidence.  Much more, the girls echo how the experience changed their life, especially with the lessons that they will be bringing to their next adventures.

Your blogger with Ghen Lumayag (center), the Raul Gatal,
and the Miss Silka Bohol 2014 ladies.

Tomorrow will be the coronation night of Miss Silka Bohol and the girls have to push their friendships aside as they compete for that orange crown.  All throughout their close to three months journey, the stunning beauties of Miss Silka Bohol 2014 have grown doting of each other, exchanging stories, and even pigging out together.

I popped a question to the girls: Who is their biggest competitor.  Majority of the votes go to Pearl, while others opt for Eda and Pau. Now, we will see if their bets will make it.

For this year's Miss Silka Bohol contenders, the journey is about to come to an end.  But while these chapter of their life ends, a new and probably more exciting chapter will open.  The road to the crown was a challenging journey but a road very worth taking.

All photos from Miss Silka Bohol fan page and Ghen Lumayag Photography.


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