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Three months of journey will be coming to a close on Friday, September 26 as the girls of Miss Silka Bohol will be pitted against each other for the last time.  And this time, there are no more second chances.  Only those who did well in the pre-pageant competitions, as well as the branding and online campaign will be given a sure slot during the finals.

While the final verdict is yet to be unveiled, allow me to share my picks for this year's edition of Miss Silka Bohol 2014.  The top seven that I've picked is based on a very objective criteria which includes their performances in the areas for judging and the qualities that make them a good brand ambassadress.

7. Myca

MYCA's official close up

If there is one girl who gives the queenly vibe, it is definitely Myca.  With a string of beauty titles under her name, Myca is definitely a good combination: beauty, walk, body, and experience.  However, Myca can also choke once faced with a tough question, such as that during the Press Presentation.  A month after that, I am hoping that Myca has mastered the art of being articulate and substantial even under pressure or else, Island City Mall will witness another front runner ending up a just a finalist.

6. Marian

MARIAN's official close up

Feline but in a very subtle way --- that is Marian for me.  She has her boyish mannerisms, being surrounded by boys as a Criminology student, yet when Marian is on stage, she becomes a woman.  Marian is undeniably one of this pageant's headturners.  But more than that, she is also one talented fellow, having been announced as one of the top five performers during the Talent Competition.

Should Marian be able to polish her communication skills and be able to handle the pressure once given a microphone to hold, she would become a big threat to everyone.  The interview portion, a portion which Marian could go very shaky as manifested during the Press Presentation, will seal Marian's fate.  Will she be able to pull it through and make it to the final round?

5. Rhea Mae

RHEA MAE's official close up

Having been a contestant of Miss Bohol Sandugo 2013, Rhea Mae definitely had a ton of experience in pageantry compared to the other Miss Silka hopefuls.  She knows how it works and might have had more cards than the rest. Her supporters have even placed her among the top three online, until recently, when Vern successfully climbed to third spot.

Hardworking and determined, Rhea Mae would definitely not rest on her pageant experience and will give a 101% of herself come the finale.  Plus, Rhea Mae is an intelligent woman so doing good in the Question and Answer would be easy as 1-2-3 for her.  However, Rhea Mae could be too diplomatic which dwindles her charm and fun factor.  Should she be able to add more sass, Rhea Mae can pull an upset for all the other girls.

3rd Runner Up
PAU (No. 2)

PAU's official close up

She is one of the early favorites with her facial features that can go from girl-next-door to a timeless beauty.  She might have not ranked in the talent competition or in the branding campaign, but Pau's spirit is always lifted by her strong army of supporters which gave her the lead online.

She might look reserved and quiet, but surely, Pau is mapping out how to wow the crowd come the grand finals.  It's never over until it's over and with Pau's commanding aura and ability to speak her mind, this Psychology student has the chance to win a runner up sash, or, if God wills, the coveted Miss Silka Bohol 2014 title.

2nd Runner Up
KATE (No. 13)

KATE's official close up

She might be the smallest girl in the pageant, but she is a girl no one could underestimate.  Kate happens to be that smiling yet very reserved presence and it shows even in on stage, yet once the competition is on, she exudes a subtle competitiveness.  She gives her best in every aspect.  And her efforts paid off when her name was called among the Top 5 performers during the Talent Competition.  Her hard work is backed by supportive followers --- family and friends included --- which made her the top contender for the Silka Ambassadress of Beauty Branding Campaign, giving her the eligibility to win automatic 20 points.

Kate's ultimate weapon come the finals is her intelligence, and it won't be a surprise should this girl wow the judges with her answer.  But will she be able to match the performance of the other candidates on August 26? Kate might just pull the biggest surprise for us.

1st Runner Up
PEARL (No. 1)

PEARL's official close up

It usually is a pressure to be the first girl out, but for Pearl, it seems like it is never a pressure at all.  Pearl simply has a certain charm that you cannot deny, a charm that would definitely make wonders should she win.  Coupled with her bubbly personality, approachable demeanor, and good interpersonal skills, Pearl has the making of a good spokesperson.  In fact, she currently ranks second in the competition's online competition.

Despite not ranking during the Talent Competition with her splendid performance, Pearl is a girl you can't simply miss.  A shoo in for the Top 7 for me, Pearl would definitely ace her interview round.  But can she pull the rag from Eda's feet or would she end up tomorrow's bridesmaid?

Miss Silka Bohol 2014
EDA (No. 12)

EDA's official close up

The beauty from Dauis has been consistently been on top since she first stepped into the limelight during the Press Presentation.  She ranks among one of the top picks of the press, impressing us with her wit.  She was also picked as one of the Top 5 finalist for the title of Best in Talent.  She also did well in flaunting her sexy figure during the Swimsuit Competition.  Definitely, Eda is the girl to beat this year.  And should she win, she will rank among her sisters who have conquered the pageants scene with flying colors.

Veering away from the typical mestiza beauties representing a beauty product, Eda would be a good choice to represent the Silka brand as a brand that caters for all skin types.  With a to-die-for body and a communication skill that is above the rest, Eda sure got this in the bag.

And if I may add two more girls who might just be able to enter the Top 7, they will be Vern (No. 5), for her sexy walk and utmost dedication towards her candidacy and Mae Ann (No. 9) who despite being usually unnoticed, has wowed me for her performance and transformation during the talent competition.

But this is just my forecast. Anything can still happen tomorrow at Island City Mall Activity Center during the Evening Gown Competition and Coronation of the new Miss Silka Bohol.  And as they say, it ain't over 'till it's over!

To all the ladies, best of luck!


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